Toxins in Small Doses are Still Toxins

Does Small Equal Safe?


During our fight to rid the personal products market of toxins, one opposing argument keeps popping up over and over again. Even though companies admit that their products contain toxins, they argue that the amounts of toxins in their products are too small to cause any damage. ‘Small is safe’ seems to be the motto of the personal care and cosmetics industries. This argument isn’t about evil companies trying to pull the wool over our eyes; in fact, their argument is backed by evidence. Many studies have shown that small amounts of toxins are not bad for us. Unfortunately, these studies have failed to observe the long-term effects of exposure and they investigate each chemical in isolation. This kind of important information is often lost in translation between scientific reports and the mainstream media. That is why our staff members at are working hard to translate the latest evidence for you!

I’ve seen the Proof; Now I’m a mean Belieber… I mean believer

Does anyone else have Bieber brain right now? I can’t help but notice how Parabens (found in many personal care products) are kind of similar to Justin Bieber. I’m not saying that the Biebs is toxic (I’m a fan). It’s just that, like Bieber, parabens elicit fervent responses from people who either love them and avidly defend them, or hate them and want them eliminated from the face of the earth. Haters worry because they are a well-known hormone disrupter with links to breast cancer. Advocates love them because they work as preservatives, keeping bacteria away; they say that we should ignore these scare tactics, since the small amounts of parabens in our products can’t possibly harm us. But the evidence suggests otherwise.

I hate to be a hater but . . .

In light of recent evidence, I’m going to have to join the hater camp. The purpose of science is to isolate, control, and predict. Yet, in real life nothing occurs in isolation and conditions cannot be controlled; the chemicals that we are exposed to interact with other chemicals, nutrients, and enzymes in our bodies. With this concept in mind, researchers recently studied the combined effects of parabens and heregulin, which is naturally produced in breast cells. They found that in the presence of heregulin, parabens turned on cancer genes, even at low doses. Yikes! Clearly these parabens are more potent than we thought. While this is scary, it’s a huge breakthrough for advocates of natural products like us. Corporations will not be able to hide behind their ‘small is safe’ argument for much longer.

But, it takes a long time for legislation to catch up with the media and parabens are only one of many known toxins used in personal care products. In the meantime you can keep you and your family safe by shopping at our marketplace where we screen all of our products to make sure there are no toxins – not even in small amounts!

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