There is Money in Them There… Soaps

In classic Americana television the wild west was dominated by gunslingers, gamblers, and gold prospectors. The dirty dusty open areas were home to wild gun fights, brothels and drinking… at least in the movies that is. In real life and real history the wild west was dictated and developed more for the ores available in the ground and not just the gold and silver. In fact Las Vegas, Death Valley and most of Eastern California was first prospected for the basic ingredient in soap!

Borax is scraped right off the ground and refined for use in a huge number of products including cosmetics and soaps. Now you will not find any products in the Go-Nayked marketplace that include Borax but the point is that there is a ton of money available for the producers of soaps.

The current “gold rush” in soaps is focused on liquid soaps, foamy soaps, and bath washes. These liquid forms of “soap” are marketed as better, more effective, and more hygienic. In reality liquid soaps tend to be a grab for your money and not an effective means for cleaning your body.

How Soap Works

Classic Soaps are designed for one purpose only… aiding water in the removal of dirt from your body. The chemical makeup of soaps and exfoliants (things that scrape skins cells off) are intended solely to interact with your skin, bond with the oils and remove the oils and dirt. The net result is a clean surface. The side-effect of this is the removal of your natural skin oils and cells leaving raw skin exposed to the elements.

Solid form soaps use a combination of ingredients to slough off dirt and leave your body clean. The details get more complicated depending on the product. For example, classic Borax is also used as an insecticide! Some of the tried and true standard off the shelf soaps utilize harsh chemicals to net their oil bonding results.

On the flip side the new generation of liquid soaps are in most cases a waste of money. To get the same cleaning results most standard pump style liquid soaps contain a wide variety of chemicals, alcohols and “lotions”. In addition the average squirt of liquid soap is about 2 to 3 times the volume necessary to clean… this means you are literally washing money down the drain!

Better Soaps

The best soaps for the money remain to be the bar soaps. We have a number of different options approved and available on the Go-Nayked Marketplace. There are a few liquid soaps that work but remember to limit the volume you use; pea size works fine in most cases.

There are two ways to remove dirt from the body: 1. hit it with harsh chemicals or 2. use the scrubbing action of washing to remove the dirt. By sticking to mostly bar soaps you get a more effective “clean” through the act of scrubbing and avoid the surfactants and chemicals found in the majority of liquid soaps.

Unlike the westerns of old you now know that the real money made in the west was from soap and to save your money and protect your health selecting a quality bar soap is the proper choice.

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