The Honest Way to do Business

In our lives, we are knowingly or unknowingly all hunting for the best cosmetics products. 100% organic, 100% non-toxic and 100% natural are labels that will give the majority of us the confidence to buy the cosmetics and make it into a bestseller. Have you considered that our confidence might be misplaced?


A Good Example

The Honest Company is one of the most credible distributors of personal care and baby product that are free of toxins in the world. Their whole story revolves about being honest to the world about what they put into their products – and if they put something toxic in there, they will actually state it! Now that is a business strategy that seems doomed to fail because if people really knew what kind of garbage is in the cosmetics they buy, they would never buy it again.

The Honest Company is fully aware of that and this is why they pick only the most mild and non-toxic products to promote. For example, their baby wipes and diapers are by far the safest choice because they investigate fully every ingredient that goes into producing the diapers. Standard diapers come with a tidbit of messy chemicals that might cause allergies and diaper rashes. Being aware of this problem, the company makes chemical-free nappies.

We Had to Use Bad Ingredients… Here is Why

Their Honest liquid hand soap is created with synthetic surfactants and preservatives – and they go out of their way to tell us the toxic effects their products might have. When it comes to soaps, you can add synthetic surfactants or create soap with saponification process which is clean and environmentally friendly. The Honest Company stated the use of three synthetic surfactants because they perform better than saponification process and reduce production prices. Cocamidopropyl Betaine is one of surfactants in the soap which has been linked with allergic reactions and inflammation according to scientific study.

Here is a clean take on The Honest Company. Don’t buy their liquid hand soap. They practically admit it has potentially toxic ingredients in it in order to compete with the bigger cosmetics firms – the soap is not the next step in cosmetics. You will find that we do not list their soap as one of the approved products but we do list others.

In the Details

At Go Nayked we strive to give the same depth and detail of information as The Honest Company. With so much dishonesty and marketing tricks in the cosmetics industry, we believe in a clean and transparent approach. We want to educate the world in what safe and effective cosmetics really consist of and will give you details about the ingredients in an objective way. Use our research as your guide and take the time to leave reviews about your experience.

Honestly Good Diapers

The Honest Company is best known for their revolutionary diapers. When young moms start seeing rashes on their baby’s skin caused by standard diapers, they turn to The Honest Company. They know they have the most eco-friendly and baby-friendly diapers on the market but they are still being honest enough to not call them allergy-free. These are their hypoallergenic Honest Company diapers which you can buy at Go-Nayked Marketplace. Created out of the purest ingredients, the Honest Company still admits there might be some degree of irritation and potential allergies. Companies that create standard diapers with allergic chemicals that cause irritation will usually market them as 100% allergy-free and give you an extra 100% guaranteed no-irritation properties label.

Everybody wants the best for their children. However, the majority of people think best is 100% organic, 100% natural and so on. They will buy sub-standard products with a confidence that they bought the miracle diaper. Be smart and buy from companies with small marketing budgets and a hell of a product.

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