Essential Oils in a Everyday Product

Essential oils are all the rage and for good reason. Using naturally occurring and naturally supplied oils from plants with names you can actually pronounce is good for both your body and the planet.


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils first off are a product with an awesome name. Nothing sounds more perfect, natural, or organic than “essential oils”. Seriously it is “essential” after all… you must have it! The great thing about essential oils is unlike a lot of the great sounding but actually awful for you products out there essential oils are legitimately and truly good for you.

Remember long summer days as a kid when playing up in the hills or out in the fields you would come across a field of flowers and run through the sea of color. After playing for a bit you would return home and your clothes, legs, and shoes were covered with an oily color that matched those flowers? That was essential oils. It is the oils used by plants to serve some sort of purpose such as attracting pollinators, protecting against fungus, or waterproofing (to name a few).

Essential oils are derived from the distillation of natural plants. The oils are the combined secretions and pureness that every natural lover seeks in a product. Anyone looking to live naturally will love essential oils! Some of the best organic and natural products listed on are Essential Oil based products.

Finding the Right Essential Oils for You

Due to their natural derivation you need to use caution when approaching essential oils for the first time. Depending upon how the oil is derived and your personal allergies and reactions essential oils can be dangerous if simply applied without testing. Before using a new essential oil understand the source of the oil, how it was pulled from the plant, and what if any additives have been mixed with it.

We have a product listed on the website right now that is a great starter product to demonstrate the advantages of essential oils Qet – Fresh Body Oil for Shaving, Showering & Massage With an ingredient list filled with great oils including Cold-pressed oils from seeds of vitis vinifera (*grape), olea europaea (*olive), helianthus annuus (*sunflower), brassica oleracea (broccoli), tocopherol (GMO-free vitamin E), essential oils of lavandula angustifolia (*lavender), mentha piperita (*mint), rubus idaeus (wild raspberry), rosmarinus officinalis (*rosemary), jasminum sambac (jasmine). nearly all of which are organic (denoted with the *).

The Qet Fresh Body Oil can be your everyday shower cream replacement for shaving and showering. Apply the oil after shaving and after your showers to keep your skin moist and nourished. The excellent mix of oils works to firm and hydrate your skin. How does it hydrate? By not breaking down the water bond in your skin cells it works to prevent cell destruction and help support the natural skin cycle. This product has met Go-Nayked’s strict product criteria and can be found here for further research and purchase.

For anyone looking to get in on the essential oil craze this product is an excellent way to get in the essential oil mood. You can find more essential oil based products over in the marketplace. Let us know what you think of your favorite essential oil products and we will be happy to share them here.

Guys Need to Take Care of Their Skin Too

Hanging out with some buddies the other night we started conversing about the habits of our significant others. One of the guys mentioned how his wife puts all these creams and treatments on before bed while he just scrubs with soap and water… and look at how “great I look” he proclaimed. To their surprise I dropped a logic bomb on them when I said “I wear makeup to bed”… a risky statement to say the least but a truthful one nonetheless. You see, even “dudes” need skincare too and finding the right products can make a huge difference in the quality of your life.


The Marlboro Man embodied the rough and rugged manly-man mystique that typical guys aspire too. Unfortunately the concept is a fallacy that has misled many tough guys into aging harshly. Skincare is not about looking pretty instead it is about taking care of you, your appearance, and your pocketbook. Fortunately for us there is a company out there producing high-end night serums that are perfect for a man’s face.

Real Purity is a company that sources all of their ingredients from natural and renewable sources. The company started the tradition 4 generations ago and has carried the tradition into modern days. By building their products upon a base of quality ingredients they avoid any harsh chemicals, fillers, and byproducts that can harm you or the environment. In fact most of the innuendo regarding “guys with makeup” is derived from the false marketing presented by other companies pushing lesser products made with non-organic and non-renewable products… slick marketing but no substance.

The largest organ on the human body is the skin and it is also one of the most important indicators for a host of social and psychological interactions within our society. “Looking good” is important in our society… like it or not. At night our skin, like the rest of the body, rejuvenates and repairs damage from the waking day. Ever noticed that after a nights sleep that the club stamp on the back of your hand is almost gone? The skin is shedding dead cells, repairing injured ones, and cycling your appearance through to a new look… literally.

Night serums (creams, lotions, etc) are intended to aid the skin in this process by providing vitamins, minerals, and moisture to support the process. The same benefits desired by your significant other can also benefit you including reduced wrinkle appearance, tone skin, even color, and a more youthful healthy appearance. Real Purity Night Repair Serum is an oil free product that feeds your skin throughout the night.


Having dropped the “I wear makeup” comments on the guys they didn’t poke fun because they secretly wondered what I had done to look so much younger and healthier. Armed with the confirmation that they too could take steps to look healthier and younger without giving up their masculinity the guys decided to give Real Purity a chance. Now you too can take a step to improve your look and health. Real Purity Night Repair Serum is available right here at and will keep you looking as young as you feel… because even guys need to take care of their skin too.