Snack Food Without the Guilt

As an avid outdoors-man I am always on the lookout for great tasting and easy to store snacks. I have already covered Clifbar brand foods and their great taste and flavor but like anything, too much of one thing breeds boredom. We were testing a few natural food products and I fell in love with this Almond bar from Sage Valley.


The problem with most snack foods is that they are made with processed ingredients and fillers to hold them together and keep their freshness. When researching and testing products for we actually take in to consideration these filler ingredients because, amazingly, they have the biggest impact on your overall health. For example a friend was drinking one of those sugary soda drinks advertised in between and during X-Games competitions. This company advertises to extreme sports fanatics with catchy commercials showing people doing all these amazing things… implying that the drink is the reason for their “awesomeness”.

The problem with this drink are the ingredients. Looking at the label the first on the list is water (carbonated) next and most shocking is High Fructose Corn Syrup followed by ingredients that would make Marko flip (he is our resident Pharmacist – read his recent post here). Basically Mt Dew is one of the worst products you can allow in to your body! The problem with other energy drinks and foods sold on standard store shelves is that they are not much better. For active healthy individuals what can you do? and get some of these Sage Valley bars.

In a nutshell… get it… these are what you or I would make if we knew how and had the time. Almonds, toasted coconut chips, diced apricots, honey, whole grain crisp brown rice, and brown rice syrup all combined in to a tasty snack. The easy to access wrapper and small form factor make them perfect pocket stuffers to grab while on the go. With 190 calories the bars pack a punch with 12 grams of total fat and very low sodium content. The only caveat with the bar is that it has a bit of sugar from the honey and rice syrup totaling 17 grams with 11 of them from sugars… it would be a one meal snack for low carb dieters.

For a 2-3 hour biking or hiking outing these bars are a perfect second snack. They rotate well as the first bar 45 minutes in with the complex natural sugars giving your body a nice spike to keep you chugging along. You can then rotate in a good protein drink or bar 45 minutes later and a recovery snack of nuts and meat after the workout. We have been approving and adding a number of great protein choices to the marketplace recently and invite you to peruse the options available by clicking here.

For your next adventure trek grab some of these Sage Valley Almond Bars and hit the trails feeling good because you are eating well. Learn more about the Sage Valley Almond Bars by clicking here and ordering yourself a box of these tasty treats. Being an outdoorsy person does not require eating and drinking the junk marketed to you… take control of your diet.

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