Naturally Red – Our Choice – Pacifica’s Devocean Lipstick

As much as I hate to wish the summer away, I can’t wait to smell the crisp autumn air and watch the leaves as they appear to catch fire, while drinking a pumpkin spiced latte in leggings and a cozy sweater. Of course fall fashion is the best fashion, and this fall the only thing redder than the leaves is the lipstick. Beautiful, bright red lips will be everywhere this season – thanks T-Swift!


I have always wanted to try bold red lips, but I’ve avoided this style for two reasons:
1. A fear that I’ll wind up looking like Courtney Love instead of Grace Kelly.
2. Red lipstick contains D&C Red 22 Aluminum Lake, known to damage DNA.

Yet, if I’m ever going to embrace red lips now is the time. To learn how, I interviewed a make-up artist to get some tips on creating full red lips, without looking like a clown. Here are her top three tips:

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Before you apply lipstick, but also on a regular basis. Red lipstick will highlight lines and cracks in your lips.

2. Lighting is everything!
Opt for a softer shade of red in the day and save the darker shades for your nights out on the town.

3. Skip the liner
if the shades don’t match, it is super obvious. And, if you do manage to find a liner that matches, apply it after you apply your lipstick for better blending.


Now that we have the tools to pull off the look, let’s talk about D&C Red Aluminum Lake; that can’t be safe right? Right! This chemical is associated with nervous system damage, and some evidence suggests that it may have cancer causing properties when exposed to light. Not to mention that we only know this because it’s tested on animals. I don’t know about you but one of the few things I always put before beauty is my health. But – I’d prefer not to make that choice at all. Fear not my friends, it turns out we can be trendy and healthy too, thanks to small cosmetic companies who are willing to take the high road.

Pacifica, for example, uses only safe ingredients and their products come in recyclable packaging. Their Devocean lipstick comes in two shades of red: ‘Rebel Sol’ is a beautiful soft red that is perfect for daytime, and the vibrant shade ‘Firebird’ will make you stand out at any party. The best part – both of these reds are formulated without animal testing, animal ingredients, FD&C color, or other harmful ingredients.

Suffer from dry lips? You can still pull off a bold, red-lipped look with Pacifica’s Coconut Kiss creamy lip butter in a ‘Lava’ shade. By supporting companies like Pacifica, who go out of their way to support our health and the environment, you and your sexy lips can set the night on fire with a clear conscience.

To see which products Go Nayked approves see Pacifica in our Marketplace.

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