Less is More -Strip Down & Cheer Up!

Calvin Klein models have made simple look sexy since the 90s. It’s easy for them, they’re Calvin Klein models. As someone who is not a model, I struggle with simple. When my cover up isn’t covering enough, I’m tempted to add another layer. If I feel a little flabby I throw on a sweater – problem solved. At the same time I can’t help but feel weighed down by those layers, like stripping down would make me feel lighter and a bit more cheerful and carefree; the same way that I feel when I help someone.


Although I’m not ready to clear out my shoe collection or throw away my cover up just yet, I have found some ways to Go-Nayked and give back at the same time:

1. Detoxify
If we strip away the toxins in our body, you will feel revitalized, but detox programs are challenging. In the spirit of simplicity, detoxification without a strict program is necessary and the simplest way to reduce toxic build up is to avoid exposure to chemicals. Long-term exposure to the chemicals found in many cosmetics for example, is associated with cancer and hormone disruption. At Go-Nayked we can reduce the burden on our bodies by purchasing cosmetics that are free of toxins, while supporting companies that truly care about their customers’ health.

2. Declutter
We’re all guilty of holding on to clothes that we no longer wear, whether it’s a favorite jacket that’s gone out of style, or our favorite pair of skinny jeans that are meant to motivate us but really just make us feel fat. It’s time to let go of the junk and embrace who we are in this moment. Donate those skinny jeans to someone who needs them and buy a new pair that fit well and look good. Take a cue from Emma Watson and purchase your new pair of jeans from a socially responsible, sustainable fashion designer, and you will look and feel like a million bucks.

3. Destress
Mental clutter leads to stress, and it can even be dangerous. I once rear-ended someone when I was going through my to-do list in my head while driving. Since then I’ve taken up meditation and yoga which help me destress. Organizing my life and eliminating unnecessary tasks has also made a huge difference in my mental state. I started at Go-Nayked, where I buy all of my health and beauty products in one place. It feels good to know that the products are safe and good for the environment. The best part is that the products are delivered to me so I don’t even have to leave the house. With the extra time, I like to strip down and take a nice relaxing bath.


I still have a long way to go but I feel lighter already. Going Nayked has taught me that less really is more, and that’s a good thing because simplicity never goes out of style!

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  1. I am changing out my whole collection now, I knew a lot of this before. but it was always just so hard. I mean you go to the store to get something else, and suddenly you remember you no need toothpaste, or deodorant, eyeliner, and you always cave in and grab the crap from the store shelf. you maybe grab the ones labeled natural or organic, but lately I stopped even reading the ingredients, cause I knew the illusion of healthy would be shattered the second start to read the list. at least ignorance made me feel less terrible about what little options I had.

    BUT NO MORE!!, Now that I know about Go Nayked, I am putting all of that to an end, finally I have a place to go to get what I really wanted in the first place. you can count on me to spread the word.

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