How Soap Can Save Your Family $500 This Year

What would you do with an extra $500 at the end of the year? How would you feel knowing that your children and pets are safe from chemicals that are known to cause cancer and other diseases? A close friend of mine is always coming up with clever ways to save money so that she can plan vacations with her family. I, however, am not one to skimp on my morning latte to reward my future self, so I usually just listen to her latest plans with admiration and sometimes a little bit of envy. But after hearing about her latest plan to save $500 and create a safer home without making any sacrifices, I couldn’t help but do the same. Want in on the secret? It’s simple: start cleaning your house with Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap.

Step 1 Go Nayked with Dr. Bronner

An average four-person family spends $800/year on household cleaning supplies. We buy these products with the intention of keeping our families safe from germs, yet many of them can cause severe health problems. The good news is that you can replace some of the most expensive and harmful products with Dr. Bronner’s soap, and find safe alternatives for the rest at our GO-NAYKED marketplace. Most families report that 64 ounces of Dr. Bronner’s soap will last them at least a year; you can get 64 ounces here for $32.38. This soap can replace over half of the items on your cleaning supply shopping list and effectively save you up to $500/year.

Step 2 Choose the Products that You Want to Replace

At Go-Nayked, we’ve tested the different recommended uses of Dr. Bronner’s soap to find the most effective, cost-effective, and healthful ways to use it. The first thing we recommend replacing is your pest spray. Pesticides are expensive, bad for the environment, associated with a wide range of health problems, and are particularly concerning for families with young children and pets. Laundry detergent is another expensive cleaning product that often contains carcinogens and hormone disruptors. Toilet bowl cleaners contain chemicals that are known to damage the respiratory system, while chemicals in many all-purpose cleaners and window cleaners are neurotoxins. Fortunately, you can protect your family from these effects while saving hundreds of dollars a year by simply replacing these products with a little Dr. Bronner DIY magic.

Step 3: DIY Recipes

Pesticide: Fill a reusable spray bottle with 4 cups of water and 1 table spoon of soap, and add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Bonus Tip: To help the solution stick to the plants, add two tablespoons of olive oil.

Laundry Detergent: Use ½ cup of soap per load. Bonus Tip: Add ½ cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle to fight lint and static cling.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Buy or reuse an old squeeze bottle and fill it with 1 part soap and 4 parts water. Bonus Tip: sprinkle baking soda on the brush to act as an abrasive and a deodorizer

All-purpose Cleaner: Fill a reusable spray bottle with 1 part water and 1 part soap. Bonus Tip: Fill a container with water and orange peels and let sit for 24 hours. Strain water into the spray bottle and add soap for a clean, citrus scent.

Window Cleaner: To remove grime from windows add 1 Tbsp. soap to 4 cups of water. Bonus Tip: Follow with a 1:1 vinegar/water solution for a streak-free clean.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you can take the first step towards wealth and health; get the soap here and start saving!

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