Heavy Duty Beard Balm After Movember

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.

In the past, the month of November was a season of transition full of excitement about the winter and the holidays just around the corner. Today that has changed.. blame Maxim Magazine, Instagram, or selfies but in the end… It’s not November… It’s Movember.

The idea of Movember is simple. Just leave your beard growing throughout the month to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer. I have to say I welcome the idea very much; so much so that I always make a contest between my male friends about who is going to grow the most manliest beard.

It all starts with ‘give me a photo of your shaved beard with 31st of October newspaper cover’ and ends with all of us having quite awesome beards by the end of November. The natural thing, of course, with Movember gone would be to shave it off.

However, pride comes in the way. With the start of December we notice how cool we look with our newly grown beards and the effect on the ladies was very positive. ‘I’ve grown this beard in Movember but am aware of men’s health issues all year round’ becomes a perfect icebreaker. That’s why I and my company are always leveraging our beards in December.

But there are beards and then there are beards. After a month of growing a beard one realizes that some trimming and styling will give you the extra edge with your overall look. The beard actually grows in various directions and it’s quite hard to fix it and make it look both natural and fitting to your face and aesthetics; it is hard to show up at work with a scruffy face muff.

About two years ago my friends and I started experimenting with different oils and waxes to enhance our beard’s appearance. We now have the best solution ever created but before we get there it is time for the funny story of the journey.

It was a 2nd of December and we all got together for a beer with all of our beards intact… well, sort of. One friend’s beard was sparkling as if he had run into a bottle of pixie dust on the way to the bar. Of course it was memorable and you can see it right away but the jokes about his beard started falling one after the other until the poor guy finally broke and revealed that he used ‘some kind of olive oil to polish it’. That was just too much for us and we laughed throughout the night but the next morning we all went searching for something that could make our beards stand out.

Personally I was after coconut oil because it gave a nice shine and it smelled sweet. However, I ended up smelling like a coconut and having so shiny a beard it reflected sunlight in the midst of December. I concluded that these oils are not appropriate method to beautify my beard.

A friend of mine tried with wax. Unlike my beard his was very chaotic to tame and you could see how he subdued the mind of the beard to his own will. With wax he could craft it to any shape and it stayed that way. There was no explicit shine as well. I thought he is on to something until after 5 minutes of conversation with him and his beard just looked plastic and fake… kind of like a toupee.

Bottom line. Oil is too soft and shiny, wax is too rigid and plastic.

Nonetheless, after two years of searching we found the perfect beard styling product that combined the best of both worlds. The perfect product after Movember for your beard is not oil or wax – instead it is balm.

Balm gives you the ability to manipulate your beard in whatever shape you want and, unlike wax, it looks natural and soft. No pixie dust effect is an added bonus. We tried different ones but the one we all liked and will use this December is Heavy Duty Beard Balm. If you want to be proud about your beard and wish for ladies who like men with nicely styled beards to take a notice of you, you should do as I did – stock up on some Heavy Duty Balm before December so you won’t be late for the prime beard season.

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