Get Your Man to Lose the Movember Beard

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.

Last month we covered the Movember trend to grow a beard during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s cancer issues. December brings in the holidays and for most women hopefully a fully shaved dude in their lives. If not then use Christmas to turn the tables and let Santa play on your team. We at are just about to give you the best gift idea for men with over-attached beard issues.

But before you go off and spring for a high end shaving cream or brand new razor it is important to understand why and how men shave that scruffy patch work of hair off their chinny-chin-chin.

How men shave? Here are a couple of pointers about beard shaving:

  • Start with scissors – remove the major lengths of hair with a good pair of scissors.
  • Apply shaving cream over the stubble
  • Shave in smooth motions making sure to rinse the blade of build up
  • Apply a lotion to soothe the skin

One thing to remember is that most men already have their favorite shaving blade and wouldn’t change it for the world. Where you can get Santa’s aid is in finding a new shaving cream that gets him in the mood to try it out. If you want to make shaving cream a present, you have to pick a really special one. You’ll find just the thing in our marketplace. The perfect shaving cream gift for this Christmas has a name and it’s called Nurture my Body – Organic Shave Cream.

This is no ordinary shaving cream that an average man would use. It doesn’t have that industrial look to it, nor does it contain health hazardous substances such as parabens and sulfates the mass produced shaving creams are known for. This is a truly organic and non-foaming shaving cream that will soften the skin and make the beard go right off at the gentlest touch of the razor.

Rather than fight about shaving off that Movember mug use the holidays to your advantage and buy your man a great shaving cream package from

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