Get Your Man a Natural Gift

Finding the right gift for the man in your life is always a pain… I know because I am one. My wife asks me what I want and my normal answer is “I don’t know”. Truth is I know but the things I want are way too pricey to ever expect as a gift. All guys realize this is a real hassle for our friends and family and that it only adds stress to gift buying but what are we to do? Thankfully has some power to help you find the best gift for the man in your life.

Go-Nayked gift ideas are specially chosen products from our approved product library that allow you to easily find great gift ideas that are both natural and unique. A perfect example is the Badger Deluxe Shave Kit. Combining all the great Badger shave products in to one stylish kit for less than $100. The perfect price point for a nice and unique gift. Your guy is sure to smile when receiving this nice package.

With guys, we don’t really care what we get as long as it is something we would never have sought out and purchased for ourselves. Even though shaving is a daily chore the last thing you will ever hear a guy say is “hey let’s go over to the shaving aisle to shop for products!” For this reason, we absolutely love receiving shaving products as a gift.

The Badger Deluxe Wet Shaving natural gift set is all organic and meets Go-Nayked’s stringent criteria. The kit includes:

  • Pre-Shave Oil – something no guy would ever buy for themselves, used to get the skin ready for a nice close shave.
  • Shave Soap – all natural the shave soap is the same idea as a shaving cream but with natural ingredients that smooth and clean as the blade removes facial hair.
  • Pottery Shave Bowl – Hand made in the United States this is a throwback to classic barber shop tools and will look great in your guys medicine cabinet.
  • Horse Hair Shave Brush – imported from Spain and Cruelty-free this is used to whip and apply the shaving soap to the face… just like the pros!
  • After Shave Face Tonic – organic ingredients and essential oils combine for the perfect aftershave rejuvenator.

The Badger Deluxe Shave Set is a great gift idea for your man and will be much appreciated. As for you, relish in the fact that your guy will love using a product that is organic, natural and good for the planet. You have been so good at using the natural products found here at now is your chance to change your guy’s attitude and bring him over to the good side of the consumer chain.

If you are struggling for a good gift idea for your guy or anyone in your life head over to the Go-Nayked gift idea and page and discover what we believe are some great gift ideas. In addition to this gift set we also have products for baby showers, women, kids, and co-workers. With a select choice of unique products you are sure to find the perfect gift.

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