The Attack of Protein shakes…. Shift to Hemp Protein (+Our Choice: Nutiva)

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.

Everybody likes to look fit and healthy. Especially when meeting somebody new, preparing to fit into a wedding dress or when we just need a little pick me up look in the mirror. The problem is that at times we don’t look the way we want. At these times we want to look great now, tomorrow for example would be perfect too, but getting from now to great takes time Going to the gym and doing cardio will only let us progress so much. That’s why most people seek shortcuts using protein shakes. The good thing is that it actually helps but only if you know which shakes are the best and healthiest.


Protein is usually job one for people looking to get in shape with the majority of people actually doing this prior to signing up for a gym. It is true that an after workout shake is a good idea because our bodies need necessary protein and sugars to refuel. However, most of protein powders you see when entering a nutrition shop are not the best sources of protein. You can easily identify the products as they are in the packaging with a ‘XXX’ or ‘Super’ along with a guy looking like the Terminator. A thing to remember here is that Terminator is all metal and for normal human beings industrially synthesized proteins might present a health hazard; fortunately there is an alternative.

The problem is in synthesizing industrially-made proteins. Among the regular disadvantages of large scale manufacturing proteins are particularly hard to synthesize. To make it work hazardous solvents such as hexane are used during the process. Potassium cyanide for example is used to synthesize the amino acids. Certainly, the manufacturers claim that all industrially-made proteins are clear of all these things, but personally I would refrain from buying protein powder that employs reagents such as KCN which was used by Nazis to poison themselves in the event of being captured! Sure ‘no pain no gain’ is a fitness motto but consuming proteins of questionable quality is a bit much.

Due to the nature of the supplements market the majority of the over the counter products have no certifications or long term testing. Have you ever noticed they always have “these messages and claims have not been certified by “Name Your Agency”? With protein powders we have little credible information from producers. Unlike immediate reactions to using the wrong face lotion you don’t see any signs of using the wrong protein powder right away.

To make a change and start with healthy bulk or healthy weight loss one of the best solutions is substituting synthesized proteins for organic proteins. Hemp proteins, for example, are created out of high-quality plant proteins containing much sought after branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). The procedure uses only mild solvents such as clear water to gently produce proteins at low temperature. No hexane or worries of body inflammation due to synthetic proteins. Good news is that organic hemp proteins work just as well, if not better, than synthesized protein powders. Nutiva’s organic hemp protein even contains 2 g of good-for-you essential fatty acids per serving making it one of the best organic hemp proteins on the market. Healthy fatty acids additionally lift your metabolism and help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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