Editorial: Change the World by Going Natural

At Go-Nayked.com we spend our days reading ingredient lists, evaluating product effects, and interacting with users like you to identify, list, and share the best natural products available today. This effort is an amazingly, and surprisingly, difficult task given the landscape of the market. Natural products are no longer resigned to small corner stores or Farmer’s Markets. Big business has now recognized the size and profitability of the natural product market and as a result has completely changed the landscape.


Big Business Goes Natural

There are two routes a “natural” product manufacturer can take. The first option is to start with re-packaging and re-marketing of an existing non-natural product as being natural (maybe throwing in a few natural ingredients just because). The second option is to actually make a natural product and allow the benefits to sell themselves. As we have discovered in our research the second option is only recently winning out in big business as demonstrated by the combination of Burt’s Bees and The Clorox Company.

Stepping back to the turn of the millennium big companies were trying to go green without really going green. Their efforts created a lot of market confusion over what is “natural”, “organic”, or “renewable”. Many of the marketing slogans were craftily created to hide the realities of their products and manufacturing methods and did work well for a while. Thanks to the growth of the internet, providing more power to the consumer, people started to catch on to this deceptive fad and take action with their buying decisions.

Your Choices Matter

Over the last decade this consumer focused trend has changed the tide of natural products and big business altogether. Companies that once operated in relative obscurity could now, through simple e-commerce platforms, reach the masses. These nimble small companies have grown so rapidly that they literally forced big business to take notice.

As demonstrated in the Burt’s Bees story The Clorox Company bought out the small natural brand not only for their products but also for their company culture and methodologies. Instead of firing the employees that built the Burt’s Bees brand the big company integrated them into their corporate hierarchy, empowered them to make change, and as a result have actually improved the overall product line across their brands.

How We Help

While Burt’s Bees is an excellent example of “natural” changing big business it is also a cautionary tale too. While improvements have been made in most of the product line by adding additional natural ingredients the company was forced to source the core ingredient, bees wax, from remote locations due to the volume of product they are now producing and selling. The bulk of their namesake ingredients are now shipped across the Atlantic. In addition the company uses an unknown percentage of Soybean and Canola Oil to substitute and/or off-set other ingredients. Is this a bad thing? In the end it is up to you. At Go-Nayked.com we have reviewed the ingredients and have identified their specific products that meet our stringent requirements and you can see them by clicking here.


In the end going natural is a conscious lifestyle choice made by you and millions of others. The combined impact of all these decisions is forcing big business to change in a positive way. Have you noticed the change? Let us know in the comments below or join our communityΒ to ask our experts about your favorite natural products. Our team here at GoNayked.com has devoted our business to helping you change the world one purchase at a time. To see which products Go-Nayked.com approves see our Marketplace.

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  1. This editorial, and this site has been a real eye-opener for me, its really gonna change my life. I don’t think me and my wife can thank you enough for what your doing.

  2. You have changed my life Go Nayked, I am telling everyone. and its so much more fun now to find the really healthy Products, I was so tired of getting tricked by some of those big name brands. I will never go back!

  3. Absolutely changed my life also, I am going to be very mindful of which companies get my money to support them. Go Nayked really has found a brilliant way to help people make a difference, and get what the kind of product they actually wanted at the same time.

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