Deodorant facts you didn’t want to know Part 2

Welcome back! You have taken the right decision to switch to natural deodorants that are non-toxic and are devoid of hidden chemicals. applauds your choice and is committed to helping you choose well!

We had started off with a list of toxic ingredients that are commonly found in deodorants. Here are a few more chemicals to watch out for.

Listed as a cryptic string of alphabets (to laymen), phthalates are responsible for the sweet scent of the deodorant. Look out for DHP, DBP5, dibutyl phthalates and DEHP. They can affect fetal development and the reproductive system itself.

Trietanolamine and Diethanolamine. They don’t sit on the tongue easily, do they? Why then, should they sit on your skin all day, every day? These toxins can seep into your skin and impair your kidneys and liver. Europe has banned the use of this carcinogen.


So, would you rather sweat and stink than have a daily dose of toxins enter your body, via a deodorant? It would be quite a task to search for and isolate toxin-free deodorants, and harder still to sniff test each of them! Moreover, natural deodorants have always been viewed (read smelled) with skepticism. How could something mild, gentle, and subtle, mask strong body odor?

Breathe easy! conducted a thorough search and discovered several such products. In fact, you’d be spoiled for choice! And the great news is that many of these natural deodorants are available on our online store!

1. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream
It’s not a chalky stick or a dripping roll-on, but a cream! It is a creamy combination of vegetable powders, tea tree oils, lavender, clays and peppermint. It is of frosting-like consistency and is suitable for all types of skin.

2. Lavanila the Healthy Deodorant
A special product from a renowned company, this deodorant is available only in specialty stores or online. Its Vanilla Lavender scent lends an air of sophistication!

3. The Honest Company Deodorant
Made with certified organic ingredients, this deodorant spray comes in refreshing fragrance of Bergamot and Sage, which is a delicate and noninvasive scent. Many more fragrances are available.

4. Weleda Sage Deodorant
This deodorant is particularly suitable for travel because it does not have an aerosol pump. It has revitalizing sage leaf oil and tea tree oil. It is a unisex deodorant that can last the day.


Do have a look at the list of natural deodorants available at our store and take advantage of our breathtaking offers and promotions. Support our cause. Choose a deodorant that is free of chemicals. Choose a safer lifestyle! Go Nayked!

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