Curl trouble? Let’s get it straight!

I gaze at celebrities like Brooke Shields and Taylor Swift in awe. Their curls drop gracefully, framing their faces, lending a look of feminine grace. I feel a pang of envy, because I too have a head of curls, but I would never call it my ‘crowning glory’. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! My unruly mop of hair is bird-nest-like, with a texture akin to coconut fiber, ever a tangled mess, and, a perpetual source of embarrassment – all curled into one!


I take too much time to fix my hair, or tame it, rather! The more I tug and pull, the frizzier it gets, and it can sap up any amount of hair cream or hair oil, and still look under-moisturized, dry, and uncombed! I am not comfortable smearing my hair with sprays that are basically toxic chemicals that smell sweet. Moreover, they don’t help ‘set’ my curls for long. If only there was a safe, curl-taming product!

Lucky me, I discovered that there is one, and we have it listed here!

DevaCurl is an answer to the prayers of all curly-haired damsels in distress, and to those who aspire for gorgeous curls! The brand is specially recommended for making your hair well-moisturized, healthy and soft. It has natural ingredients and is devoid of sulphates, Parabens, and silicates. Since its inception in 1994 the New York City based Devachan Salon has sought to help celebrate curls and keep them hassle, tangle, and frizz free! They opened the DevaCurl Academy to train top hairstylists in the art of caring and styling curly hair.

Curly hair is always rougher and drier than straight hair because it is more difficult for oils secreted from the scalp to go down the shaft of curly hair. The only solution is to keep the curls thoroughly moisturized. That’s precisely what DevaCurl does, and does it naturally!
Here are few of their products that are indispensible for your unique curls:

DevaCurl Cleanse and Condition (Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Curly Hair)

The easiest way to get those glorious curls is to stop using shampoo. Most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that make your hair dry and frizzy. DevaCurl has a range of products that can cleanse and condition your curls, and make them strong, with natural ingredients.

  • DevaCurl No-Poo Decadence: Formulated with Chufa milk, rich in vitamins and minerals, and Quinoa protein, this zero-lather moisturizing milk cleanser is especially for curly hair that craves for more moisture and nourishment. Grape seed oil is added to give shine and luster to your hair.
  • DevaCurl One Condition Decadence: In addition to Chufa milk and Quinoa, this rich and creamy formula has Olive oil that provides moisture, shine and frizz control. It drenches your curls in deep moisture and hydrates them thoroughly.

DevaCurl Style & Shape (Best Products for Curly Hair)

No matter your ethnicity, curls will be curls! The texture, the feel, and the spiral of the curls determine its shape. There are innumerable ways to style your curls:

  • SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler: The main ingredients are coconut oil that gives shine and moisture, Jojoba protein to boost elasticity and strength, and corn starch for frizz control. You can soften, stretch, define, boost volume, and tame frizz.
  • Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam: This alcohol-free, lightweight foam gives weightless volume to your hair from the roots, to the ends. This gives fullness and definition to the curls. Key ingredients are Glycerides, Hops, and Lemongrass.

This is just a glimpse of the curl-caring products of DevaCurl. There are many such natural products available, and you can buy them all on Go ahead, and treat your unique curls with the gentle and natural care they deserve! To see which products Go Nayked approves see Hair Care in our Marketplace.

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