Creating Powerful Eyes with Safe Everyday Eyeliner

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.


I have a confession to make. I am an anti-make-up guy. Too much makeup just seems like too much is hiding underneath. This is just one persons opinion but I believe people are beautiful and they should use cosmetics to enrich their natural beauty not hide themselves from the world.


In general there are two areas of makeup that have the biggest impact on your outward appearance: Eyes and lipstick.

Lipstick is a no-brainer; men will notice nice lipstick on you. Not too heavy, not too in the face – a smooth and simple lipstick will do the trick.

For me lipstick is easy but I find it is all about the eyes. It’s not a poetic thing about eyes being the window to the soul but when you try to think about women that have an aura of being special I always think about their eyes. The skin, the haircut and the lips are usually just a framework for the eyes.

Have you noticed how a heart can tremble when looking in someone’s eyes? You wouldn’t get that by looking at their lips.

Eyes are Powerful

The eyes are a powerful tool for enchanting others and this derives from two primary areas: nature and cosmetics. Nature does the really important part here – the color of the eyes and the texture of eyelashes all comes from genetics. However, the difference is in how women can emphasize, define, and highlight their beautiful eyes.

There are three ways to use cosmetics to highlight your eyes:

  • Natural Look – best for everyday
  • Club Vibes – Utilizing heavier coverage to define your eyes for a night or dancing
  • Alluring – A mix between Natural and Club Vibes for use when gaining attention at work or on a date is important.

Depending upon your skin type and undertones the same makeup palletes can be used to create all three looks. The secret is in the nuances. In speaking with several women we identified as having beautiful eyes one of the best tips we gathered was to use a subtle finesse of Afterglow Powder Eyeliner. At we have identified the perfect product in the Afterglow Powder Eyeliner.

As a wear everyday product it is very important to identify and understand the ingredients behind it. In this case it has no parabens, talc, nanos, or bismuth oxychloride. Making it the perfect eyeliner for a healthy daily routine

It seems that when one woman in a group gets her hands on Afterglow Powder Eyeliner everybody will just copy her beautiful eyes by buying one for herself. So if you want to impress both ladies and gentlemen you know where you have to start right here at with the Afterglow Powder Eyeliner.

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