Chronobiology – Your Skin Has a Daily Cycle

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.

The majority of life on earth is inherently affected by the sun. The rotation of the Earth gives us 24 hour days, it’s rotation around the sun gives us a year and day and night are the normal consequences of planetary revolution.

It is no wonder that our bodies are harmoniously in coherence with the endless cycles of days and nights. We usually refer to this phenomenon as our biorhythm and our metabolism, hormone production and brain function are all run by the ‘body clock’.

As can be expected our skin also has a biorhythm. Observing and making use of skin biorhythm is very important when it comes to skin care. One has to know when to use what kind of cosmetic product in order to enhance the processes the skin regularly goes through on a daily basis. If you can nail down your skin’s biorhythm, you can achieve outstanding skin treatment results using the same cosmetic products that you were using up till now. There are also some tricks to choose better cosmetics products based upon the skin phase.

Skin has a 24 hour recurring cycle. During this time, skin tissue naturally goes through several different phases. When the sun is up, our skin has evolved to deal with several threats, such as cold temperature or extreme sunlight. In modern times, skin defense takes into consideration air pollution as well. On the other hand, when the sun is down, skin doesn’t have to protect itself from the environmental elements and has time to recuperate and regenerate.

Research has found that the division of skin cells is most active at night (roughly between midnight and 1 AM) and it’s least active during the day (roughly between noon and 1 PM). In addition, the blood flow to skin was found to be highest between 11 PM and 4 AM. This is a clear indication that during night time the skin is being super fueled with rich nutrients in the blood. On the other hand, the increased blood flow also cleanses the skin of toxins that were created as bye products during the day.

The studies also suggested that the transition between day and night is governed by a process that enhances skin shedding. This process is most intense between 7 PM and 11 PM. This information is very useful; the face creams applied during this part of the day will have minimal effect because skin is in the process of shredding and everything on it (like your very expensive cream) will just fall down your face.

The findings have created a roadmap for skin care. With cosmetic skin products we want to enhance skin protection during the day and speed-up the regeneration processes during the night. This cycle will dictate how you should use various products. For example, all night creams are designed to help your skin recuperate faster. Applying them during the day will have little or no effect because that’s when skin needs protection, not regeneration.

Here at we have a marketplace full of high quality skin products. Going through the products, try to think about what you will use the cream or lotion for. If you use it for skin protection, make sure you apply it during the day. If you want to use it for skin regeneration, apply it after 11 PM.

Having this rational approach to usage of cosmetics products will bring your skin care skills to a completely new level and you’ll experience the full benefits of every cosmetics product you buy. Much like the world that spins around the sub your skin care regime will follow a distinct cycle.

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