Travel Healthy – Organic & Natural Travel Kit

Traveling is exciting, relaxing, therapeutic and fun! Don’t we all long for those treasured days of adventure and enchantment, far from the maddening crowd? Unfortunately, packing up for a trip is not always easy; especially for those who are mindful of their health.


More often than not, the natural or organic personal care products you use regularly cannot be accommodated in the luggage because the products are not available in travel-friendly sizes. You invariably rush to the nearest convenience store and make do with whatever is available. Not anymore!

Go-Nayked has the best possible news for the health-conscious on the move – You can travel with all your favorite organic and natural personal care products without the fear of having them tossed into trash by security personnel at the airport!

You may choose to travel by car, ship, or an airplane but carrying your personal care products and cosmetics within reach is important. Skin is the largest organ of your body. When we travel, the skin is exposed to the elements and is prone to dryness. So, it is prudent to have a moisturizer close at hand. Extreme weather conditions and pollution take their toll on your skin if the journey is a long one.

Go-Nayked has the perfect remedy to brighten your travel-weary skin in their range of travel-friendly cosmetics and personal care products from the best Organic and All Natural brands. They are eco-friendly, petite wonders that are packaged with 3 oz or less of the formula, thus adhering to the international guidelines. Take a glance at the plethora of products available in the Go Nayked marketplace

  • Moisturizer: Keep your skin from drying by carrying these travel-friendly, natural moisturizers from Go-Nayked marketplace.
  • Sunscreen: You can travel to sunny beaches and desert sand dunes without a worry. Go Nayked offers you a range of natural sunscreens that are chemical free and non-toxic. There are several mineral sunscreens and sunscreens for babies too. There are convenient sunscreen sticks that can fit into your pockets or purses.
  • Shampoo & Conditioner Bar: If you’ve ever had your clothes in your suitcase ruined by a leaking bottle of your favorite shampoo, you’ll jump with joy now! Travel size Organic shampoo and conditioners from popular brands around the world are now available as bars of compact sizes! These convenient shampoo bars and conditioner bars can fit into your travel bags or even your handbag. Have  a look at the range of products at the Go-Nayked marketplace.
  • Lipstick: Color your lips with natural, non-toxic lipsticks and amaze the world. These chemical free lipsticks are made from natural fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Skin Treatment Beauty Bar: Holidays are the best time to treat your skin ailments like acne as you can avoid public glare. You can carry along your natural skin care treatment regimen in a single beauty bar! It is your beautician and dermatologist combo pack.
  • Sleep Balm: When you are traveling, nothing can be more relaxing than a spell of sound sleep. Rejuvenate your skin and revitalize it with natural Sleep balm from Go-Nayked.
  • Deodorant: Smell great, naturally, even as you travel tirelessly! Whether you are camping out or hopping trains, or just relaxing at a scenic spot, you can’t stop smelling good. Make sure you are armed with these travel friendly sizes of deodorants from a host of responsible manufacturers.
  • Face Wash: Travel can be tiring and make your skin dry and dull. A refreshing and natural face wash can brighten your face and uplift your spirits! Check out the travel friendly face wash products from Go-Nayked.
  • Natural Nail Polish: There is no better time than a vacation to pamper your nails. Paint the nails red even before you would the town!
  • Goat’s Milk Shampoo: You don’t have to be Cleopatra to use goat’s milk! Treat your tresses with this unique Shampoo bar.
  • Natural Toothpaste: If you have been with your kid on a journey that has lasted over a couple of hours, you’ll know how invaluable toothpaste is! Brush away stains and freshen your child’s breath naturally with these travel friendly toothpastes.

Visit the Go-Nayked Marketplace for a complete list of natural, organic and non-toxic personal care products that are readily available in travel friendly packs.

Travel healthy! Travel happy!

Primal Life Organics – Back to the Roots of Skin Care

The skin care industry has a lot of choices to offer us; products could be natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, vegan, or more recently, Paleo… hold on, Paleo (diet) sounds familiar but Paleo skin care? Yes, you read that right! The word Paleo means “ancient, early, prehistoric, and primitive”. Paleo skin care regimen is gaining popularity as it involves using natural ingredients in their raw and fresh state to nourish and heal skin, just as it was in primal methods. introduces you to Primal Life Organics, a company featured in our marketplace. It specializes in Paleo skin care products that are in pristine state and of impeccable quality.

Commercial Skin Care vs. Paleo Skin Care

Commercial skin care products typically include one or more of the following chemicals: Parabens as preservatives, Polyethylene glycol (PEG), Phthalates as solvents, FD&C pigments and colors, Benzoyl peroxide in acne products, and DEA, MEA, TEA as foam boosters. These chemicals are linked to cancer, skin allergies, birth defects, infertility and learning disabilities.
Mother Nature has endowed us with an abundance of fresh ingredients. Several ancient civilizations across the globe have used natural products to heal and nourish skin. Paleo skin care uses the healthiest food sources for the body that are real and natural. The Paleo logic is simple: If something is safe enough to eat, then it should be safe to use it on your skin too, and vice versa. It is fresh, organic, gluten-free, non-toxic, vegan, and, it works!

Primal Life Organics –The Fresh Concept

Most of the skin care products that are mass-manufactured are loaded with a profusion of artificial preservatives to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in the product. The potent, healing powers claimed of such ‘natural’ products (fortified with toxic preservatives) bought off a store shelf are debatable indeed!

In contrast, the shelves are always empty of products at Primal Life Organics! Why so? It is because they only stock up the ingredients. All products are made fresh, on order. A product that is made has already been sold! So, there is no necessity to add preservatives. The products are veritable powerhouses of nutrition because their sources are fresh and real.

Hallmarks of Primal Life Organics

Fresh and real – these are the hallmarks of Paleo skin care, as advocated by Primal Life Organics. “Our skin is programmed to recognize and respond to natural ingredients that are healing and safe.” By using fresh and real Paleo products, you can eliminate the harmful chemicals in the other skin care products. This will give you the opportunity to realize the magic of Primal Life Organics on your skin and your long-term health! The products are suitable for all types of skin.

Primal Life Organics was created by Trina Felber, an experienced nurse who is passionate about her commitment to develop skincare products that use only fresh, natural ingredients that were used by our primal ancestors. Fully aware of the dangers posed by chemical cosmetics, Trina envisioned this pristine line of skin care products that can help you live non-toxic, naturally!

Take a look at the fresh and nutrient-dense range of Primal Life Organics products available now at our Marketplace.

Natural and Organic Makeup and Makeup removers from Go-Nayked

Makeup is make-believe, so how can there be natural makeup? Sounds like an oxymoron? Well, not at Go-Nayked! Makeup is a necessity in today’s world because it not only serves to enhance one’s beauty and cover blemishes but it boosts a woman’s self-esteem. However hectic the day’s demands, who doesn’t stop for a quick beauty touch-up! Unfortunately, not all manufacturers of cosmetics and skin care products conform to the guidelines prescribed by the government. Chemical-laden makeup and personal care products are causing great concern. brings you more choice with organic makeup and natural skincare products pre-screened.

Why should you use only organic makeup?

If you can’t read the name of the ingredient, you are advised not to buy it. By doing so you can save yourself from a host of problems ranging from cancer and Alzheimer’s to itchy skin rashes and breakouts. Medical professionals, health advisors, and communities concerned with wellness are all for organic makeup. There are many reasons to opt for natural makeup products found on the Go-Nayked marketplace.

  • Chemical-free – The Go-Nayked team has resolved to supply consumers with natural personal hygiene products that are devoid of petroleum-based chemicals, lead, or aluminum.
  • Gentle on your skin – Organically-grown fruits, vegetables and essential oils are gifts of Nature and are less likely to harm your skin or your health. There are no toxic pesticides used to grow them. So, you can use them without apprehension of side-effects or permanent damage to your skin from man made ingredients.
  • Rich in nutrients – Organic makeup products found on Go-Nayked come naturally packed with antioxidants that nourish your skin and keep it healthy and young.

Organic makeup and makeup remover brands on Go-Nayked

We use natural makeup to look our best and using anything other than organic and natural cosmetics will really defeat the very purpose! Harsh chemicals in makeup products can dry and damage your skin; additionally, they can lead to premature aging of your skin too. Here are few of the companies on the Go-Nayked marketplace that promise to provide you with quality, organic makeup and skincare.

Zao makeup: This line of naturally enriched makeup formula has a brand name that combines Zen Buddhism and Taoism, both philosophies that rely on Nature. Bamboo is known for its high content of silica that promotes elasticity of skin. Their organic formulations and packaging make extensive use of bamboo.

Zao organic makeup

Thesis organic makeup products: Thesis is a family-run company which is dedicated to the cause of developing vegetarian- organic skincare products. Their products use ingredients that are certified organic, are vegan, cruelty-free and have eco-friendly packing. And they really work! Their mission is to effect a change in the general health of their valued customers and their environment as well.

Thesis organic makeup products

Vika’s Essentials: This organic skincare line functions on applying “Ancient science for modern life”. The products for makeup and skincare are born out of the several years of study, travel and research for the best natural ingredients that have therapeutic and healing effect on our skin. It’s time to take a leap of faith and try their pure organic makeup products!

Vika’s Essentials makeup remover

Feel free to browse through our wide range of non-toxic, natural, and organic makeup products.

Make up your mind to opt for organic makeup! Make a difference!

Aquarella – Natural Nail Polish

If you are heading for a manicure at your neighborhood Nail Spa, you should read this post. Even if you are not, read this anyway, for it concerns your health and wellness.


The Environment Working Group (EWG) has stated that it would review and update the science related to the chemical called, Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) which is commonly used in nail polishes and nail treatments. This chemical could contribute to obesity and disruption of the endocrine system. TPHP is used as a fire retardant in foam furniture and is used to make plastics. Is there an alternative? You don’t have to bite your nails in nervous anticipation, for there is Aquarella – the all-natural nail polish! brings to you, Aquarella nail polish. It symbolizes all that is natural and pure.

What do egg whites, gelatin, beeswax and gum Arabic have in common? They were the natural ingredients nail polishes were made of in ancient China. The Egyptian upper class had their nails painted with natural henna to a brownish red. Ever the trend-setter, Cleopatra popularized the use of plant extracts to paint the nails red. The Aztecs used natural dyes to decorate their nails. So, when did the shift from natural ingredients to toxic chemicals take place? With commercialization, as always! Aquarella aims to create nail polishes that are rooted in nature. Their products will take you back to an era where everything was better with nothing!

Nail Polish Better with Nothing

A typical nail polish will have a plethora of chemicals in it. A film-forming polymer, petrochemical solvents, plasticizers, dyes and pigments, opalescent pigments such as mica and aluminum powder for the shimmer and shine, adhesive polymers that ensure that the film adheres to the surface of the nail, ultraviolet stabilizer like benzophenone-1, and a thickening agent. Overwhelming? We are just talking about the base coat here. There’s a top coat too! According to studies by the EWG, toxic TPHP can be absorbed by your body and cause hormonal disturbance, reproductive disorders and developmental problems. Is everything bad and nothing good about these chemicals-laden nail polishes? Often, truth can be hard as nails!

Aquarella comes to you in pristine condition. It uses water as the solvent. It is engineered with a safe co-polymer structure. Aquarella is free of odor, has excellent shine, dries fast, and does not need two coats. Most importantly, it has no harmful chemicals and hence, has no adverse impact on your nail and cuticle. Since it is virtually odorless, you can save yourself from the stench of petrochemicals! With water as its solvent, Aquarella contains no questionable ingredients. It is non-toxic and non-inflammable. What’s more, it doesn’t need a drying station! It dries within 5-10 minutes of application, and you are good to go!

Who can use Aquarella? Everyone! People who suffer from allergy and sensitivity to chemicals will benefit the most. There have been a mere ten documented cases of allergies in as many years! Pregnant women, patients suffering from asthma or cancer, the environmentally aware, teenagers and even children can use Aquarella.

All products of the brand are available for immediate purchase from our marketplace, We try in earnest to bring the best and the most responsibly manufactured products to our community. Help us support this cause.

Creating Powerful Eyes with Safe Everyday Eyeliner

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.


I have a confession to make. I am an anti-make-up guy. Too much makeup just seems like too much is hiding underneath. This is just one persons opinion but I believe people are beautiful and they should use cosmetics to enrich their natural beauty not hide themselves from the world.


In general there are two areas of makeup that have the biggest impact on your outward appearance: Eyes and lipstick.

Lipstick is a no-brainer; men will notice nice lipstick on you. Not too heavy, not too in the face – a smooth and simple lipstick will do the trick.

For me lipstick is easy but I find it is all about the eyes. It’s not a poetic thing about eyes being the window to the soul but when you try to think about women that have an aura of being special I always think about their eyes. The skin, the haircut and the lips are usually just a framework for the eyes.

Have you noticed how a heart can tremble when looking in someone’s eyes? You wouldn’t get that by looking at their lips.

Eyes are Powerful

The eyes are a powerful tool for enchanting others and this derives from two primary areas: nature and cosmetics. Nature does the really important part here – the color of the eyes and the texture of eyelashes all comes from genetics. However, the difference is in how women can emphasize, define, and highlight their beautiful eyes.

There are three ways to use cosmetics to highlight your eyes:

  • Natural Look – best for everyday
  • Club Vibes – Utilizing heavier coverage to define your eyes for a night or dancing
  • Alluring – A mix between Natural and Club Vibes for use when gaining attention at work or on a date is important.

Depending upon your skin type and undertones the same makeup palletes can be used to create all three looks. The secret is in the nuances. In speaking with several women we identified as having beautiful eyes one of the best tips we gathered was to use a subtle finesse of Afterglow Powder Eyeliner. At we have identified the perfect product in the Afterglow Powder Eyeliner.

As a wear everyday product it is very important to identify and understand the ingredients behind it. In this case it has no parabens, talc, nanos, or bismuth oxychloride. Making it the perfect eyeliner for a healthy daily routine

It seems that when one woman in a group gets her hands on Afterglow Powder Eyeliner everybody will just copy her beautiful eyes by buying one for herself. So if you want to impress both ladies and gentlemen you know where you have to start right here at with the Afterglow Powder Eyeliner.

To see other products approves for your eyes click here to visit our Marketplace.

100% Pure Changing the Skincare Industry

Imagine developing a groundbreaking methodology for stabilizing natural ingredients from oxidizing in skincare products (ie you discover how to make quality ingredients last). A method that was so revolutionary that huge skin care brands sought you out in college to work with you and your technique. Upon graduation you have no shortage of job offers.


Fast forward a bit and imagine that you get hired to one of these firms that is licensing your invention. The role is in the product development lab developing new products and working with the chemicals that go into the company’s products. Some of these chemicals are hazardous in quantities larger than a pee and in one fateful instance a spill melts and warps your plastic work table!

While we can only imagine the above story the founder of 100% Pure lived it and as a result created a company that is helping to revolutionize the skin care industry.

If there is one founder of a company we support here at that lives and breathes a motto similar to ours it is Susie Wang. She is quoted as saying “Our sole purpose is to make the absolute highest quality, very best products. Period. That’s our sole focus – now and in the future.” This is a company that was built without a sales and PR team! Ms. Wang lives the natural and organic lifestyle and believes in the same motto we preach… to make things better for the next generation.

Her passion for the idea came as a child when she noticed how pretty her skin was after being stained by a blackberry. She has since created 100% Pure as the only cosmetic company that uses fruit and vegetable pigments to color cosmetics. The benefit of fruit and vegetable pigments versus the other traditional ways of coloring cosmetics (synthetic dyes or minerals) is that fruit and vegetable pigments contain an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins. By using completely natural products she has ensured a renewable product line that has garnered rave reviews.

100% Pure has grown rapidly as word of mouth has spread their motto. The company is now annualizing over $20 million in sales and has only been in existence since 2005! lists a broad range of the company’s products within our recommended product pages. The company offers natural solutions in makeup, skincare, body washes, hair care, baby products, and nail polish.

In addition 100% Pure offers their 100% Satisfaction guarantee that allows you to love it or send it back within 30 days… no questions asked. they also offer free shipping and fulfill most of their orders within a couple days from their location in California. For the woman in your life their fruit pigmented naked color palette is a great gift idea. The colors provide a natural look using the above mentioned natural ingredients. The colors are very pretty and natural, perfect for a “no-makeup” look, subtly enhancing.


100% Pure was founded by a person with a vision… a vision for a better world and better products for all of our bodies. She discovered first hand what the other companies were putting into their skincare products and decided then and there to change the world. To see which products Go Nayked approves see 100% Pure in our Marketplace.

Cosmetics Natural vs Industrial

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.

There are two questions I ask every time I see the cosmetics labeled ‘natural’.

 – Does it mean it’s better because it’s natural?
 – Are they trying to mug me in a smart and legitimate way?
My concern easily goes to my skin, not how the products were made. However, years of my experience -with both natural and industrially-made cosmetics- has taught me the importance of how the things I put on my face are actually manufactured.

Let us illustrate this by comparing it to food… because everybody loves food.

Industrial cosmetics are like fast food…
  – the cutting edge of beauty science, with the labs equipped with petri dishes and test tubes
  – developed by the big cosmetics industry to be effective, easily produced, market targeted and scalable

compare the above description,
  – to a fast food restaurant
   (You don’t really want to know where the meat comes from, how many times the oil was reused, but all-in-all flavor enhancers will ensure that you love your burger!)


Natural cosmetics are mom’s home made from scratch dinners…
  – their origins are plants and minerals (not synthetic compounds – this makes all the difference in the world.)
  – generally developed by smaller companies building a reputation on quality.
(Natural cosmetic producers go the extra mile to ensure that the Fresh Natural ingredients
 are included in their products.)


Industrially-made cosmetics sometimes utilize chemical synthesis and petrochemical products for production. This may not significantly affect the effectiveness of the product but speaks volumes about the undesired chemicals included that can damage your skin in long term use -Synthetic by-products can also lead to skin irritation and allergic reactions.)


Now there’s the second part to this story – How to know you’re not getting mugged. When you are ready to pay more for truly-natural-products how can you be sure you are not being duped with industrially-made crème?)

1. Know that ‘Natural’ is just a word.
In cosmetics it usually describes a product without synthetic compounds, petrochemical, genetically modified organisms and so on. However, producers are free to claim their cosmetics to be ‘natural’ without much evidence of being natural. This is a marketing tactic that requires caution on your part.

2. Look for BDIH and NPA certifications
Fortunately, someone had a sense to create BDIH and NPA Certifications to reward the companies that create truly natural products. Lavera for instance is one of the most prominent brands for natural cosmetics. They have a double certified natural seal from BDIH and NPA Certification guaranteeing that their techniques are in line with natural cosmetics production.

Natural cosmetics are desired by consumers… the trick is identifying the real ones. With the help of our hope is that in the future there will be a solid framework for declaring something ‘Natural’. Companies like Lavera are already on a good path to a truly more natural and toxic-free future.

Naturally Red – Our Choice – Pacifica’s Devocean Lipstick

As much as I hate to wish the summer away, I can’t wait to smell the crisp autumn air and watch the leaves as they appear to catch fire, while drinking a pumpkin spiced latte in leggings and a cozy sweater. Of course fall fashion is the best fashion, and this fall the only thing redder than the leaves is the lipstick. Beautiful, bright red lips will be everywhere this season – thanks T-Swift!


I have always wanted to try bold red lips, but I’ve avoided this style for two reasons:
1. A fear that I’ll wind up looking like Courtney Love instead of Grace Kelly.
2. Red lipstick contains D&C Red 22 Aluminum Lake, known to damage DNA.

Yet, if I’m ever going to embrace red lips now is the time. To learn how, I interviewed a make-up artist to get some tips on creating full red lips, without looking like a clown. Here are her top three tips:

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Before you apply lipstick, but also on a regular basis. Red lipstick will highlight lines and cracks in your lips.

2. Lighting is everything!
Opt for a softer shade of red in the day and save the darker shades for your nights out on the town.

3. Skip the liner
if the shades don’t match, it is super obvious. And, if you do manage to find a liner that matches, apply it after you apply your lipstick for better blending.


Now that we have the tools to pull off the look, let’s talk about D&C Red Aluminum Lake; that can’t be safe right? Right! This chemical is associated with nervous system damage, and some evidence suggests that it may have cancer causing properties when exposed to light. Not to mention that we only know this because it’s tested on animals. I don’t know about you but one of the few things I always put before beauty is my health. But – I’d prefer not to make that choice at all. Fear not my friends, it turns out we can be trendy and healthy too, thanks to small cosmetic companies who are willing to take the high road.

Pacifica, for example, uses only safe ingredients and their products come in recyclable packaging. Their Devocean lipstick comes in two shades of red: ‘Rebel Sol’ is a beautiful soft red that is perfect for daytime, and the vibrant shade ‘Firebird’ will make you stand out at any party. The best part – both of these reds are formulated without animal testing, animal ingredients, FD&C color, or other harmful ingredients.

Suffer from dry lips? You can still pull off a bold, red-lipped look with Pacifica’s Coconut Kiss creamy lip butter in a ‘Lava’ shade. By supporting companies like Pacifica, who go out of their way to support our health and the environment, you and your sexy lips can set the night on fire with a clear conscience.

To see which products Go Nayked approves see Pacifica in our Marketplace.