You Can Have a Natural Smile – Brush Your Teeth with Natural Products

Where do they get that pearly white look? Ever wonder why movie stars have such glimmering white teeth? Brushing your teeth is a habit taught from early childhood to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Go back just a couple decades and the natural hue of teeth was more yellow than pearly white. What has changed?


Thanks High Def

As with all things modern amenities have changed the way we look at people and the world. With super high definition TVs and celebrities always looking to standout from the crowd the subtle differences can make all the difference. Use Kim Kardashian as an example of someone who has built a financial empire on looks alone. What would have happened to her “career” if her teeth were yellow?

Imitate or Go-Nayked

We started looking around at what the secret of the stars white teeth is and you know what we found? It comes down to money. Basically stars use professional dentists to get their pearly white smiles. For everyone else the over the counter stuff really doesn’t work (and in some cases is very dangerous).

The danger in all the new over the counter toothpastes and mouth washes is found in the harsh chemicals and cleansers included to try and whiten or disinfect your mouth. The resulting concoction is poisonous and the packages carry clear and conspicuous labeling advising against swallowing! So let’s get this straight… to get a pearly white smile you have to either spend a bunch of money at a dentist to the stars OR you have to risk your health by brushing with toxic chemicals and poisons!? There has to be another way.

Another Way to Clean Your Teeth

It turns out there is another way. Bet you didn’t realize that the bulk of the cleansing properties of brushing is derived from the toothbrush bristles themselves. The application of toothpastes is to apply additional cleaning and polishing agents to the tooth via the brushing action. If you have learned anything over here at it is that there are many natural alternatives to the harsh chemicals of standard products… no different for tooth brushing. Check out the oral section of the Go-Nayked marketplace to discover toothpastes and tooth whitening products that have cleared our stringent standards.

Real Purity, Peelu and Primal Life all offer naturally sourced ingredients and all do away with fluoride. Making the switch to a natural toothpaste will require some trial and error to find the brand and flavor that best suits your tastes and all four of these are so uniquely different that they offer you a real decision set to choose from.

Let us know which one you choose and your experience with the brand. We love hearing from and finding great natural products to help you. The next time you are watching a star on TV with pearly white teeth recognize that they paid a lot of money for that smile and also put their body through some harsh chemical baths to get the smile. You on the other hand are choosing to take the natural approach to a clean and beautiful smile.