Natural Cleaner for Home and Body

It slices, it dices, it cleans, it sweeps, it shines, it polishes, it turns black to white and white to black, it is the amazing cure-all from the far reaches of Africa step right up and get your bottle now!


One of the things we have discovered over here at is that there truly are all-natural products that are measures better than anything else on the market. These products harness the power of the ingredients found in nature to serve a purpose important to people. Why don’t we hear about them and see them on store shelves? Let’s dive into the problem.


Productification is a word I just created and it really sums up the problem with everything we buy and use. In a consumer based society companies are looking to sell products that “work” but cost next to nothing to work. By mixing cheap and readily available synthetic chemicals companies can produce products that get the job done, smell pretty, and store forever. These products can be packaged smartly and sold/ marketed even more smartly to generate billions in sales annually… but at what cost?

For regular readers of our blog the horrible effects of the various chemicals found in “normal” products are mind boggling but the productification has generated a consistent demand that no one questions. When was the last time you actually stopped to look at the ingredient list on your shampoo, body soap, or laundry detergent? Some of these chemicals are toxic to living beings!

Old is New

The first step in living clean is to stop assuming that what you are doing now and buying regularly is right. Question the products, question the labels, and question the marketing. On our end we have discovered Dr. Woods Shea Vision Castile Soap with Organic Shea Butter and Pure Almond. This is the perfect cleaning product you may have never heard of. The key ingredients are in the name but deserve repeating: Almond, Castile Soap, and Shea Butter.

Castile Soap, or vegetable oil based soap, has been used for millennia and is derived from combining olive oil and sodium hydroxide. The main vegetable base may change but the underlying makeup does not… it is natural. Almond oil, like Castile Soap, has enjoyed a renascence of respect for all its great qualities on the human body. The natural character of the oil provides nourishment and cleansing in one package. Finally Shea Butter is derived from a plant found in the African Sahara that can be boiled down to key ingredients. The Shea Butter is the perfect moisturizer for skin.

By combining all these ingredients together Dr. Woods Shea Vision Castile Soap with Organic Shea Butter and Pure Almond provides a quality package of cleanser for your face, body, and hair that also can be used as a generic cleaner in laundry and for counters. As you can see this really is a product that does all the snake oil promises without the snake oil scam. has identified several other natural quality cleansers and they can all be found and further research in our marketplace here.

Food Score Hack for Eating Healthy

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.

I wouldn’t have to write this article but I’m just too excited about this new food score hack tool that I’ve started to use on a daily basis. So first here’s the problem pretty much all healthy eaters have.

‘We eat healthy,’ is a statement that I hear a lot of times from young families. I always take it as granted that families with young kids will go above and beyond to place the healthiest food on their tables and I believe that that is always the general intention. However, the other day I was at neighbor’s house – they have two young kids, 3 year old and a 7 year old. Chatting away with mom who always tells me ‘we eat healthy’ she raised a concern about how to know what healthy really is. She tells me that she tries to buy everything that is healthy and has a healthy mind of doing so but in many cases she can’t tell the difference between which cereals are better for the kids.

I have to admit I sometimes have the same difficulty. My neighbor is a real estate agents and she doesn’t really know what kind of ratio of nutrition is good for her and the kids, what potassium bromate is used for and what does it mean when something contains nitrates. Even as a pharmacist it is hard to take into account everything that is on the label when buying cereals for example. If I’m being honest, I usually primarily look at nutrition – high protein content, low simple sugars content and the fibers are a major plus. I’m sure many of us want to choose a really healthy breakfast cereals but the knowledge of nutrition, ingredients and processing factors involved is just too much for us to handle while in the store. I have to make a shopping list not to forget anything, imagine then trying to figure out all the nutrition and the chemicals they give in each of the 20 cereals choices for breakfast.

The reason I’m writing this is because I’ve by accident stumbled on the best tool out there for knowing which food is really healthy. And best of all – you don’t have to be a nutritionist to use it.

It is called EWG’s Food Scores tool. The tool gives you 3 scores for a specific food – nutrition concern, ingredient concern and processing concern. This is how all the complex nutrition ratios and weird ingredient names on the label are simplified in just the food scores ranging from 1 (best score) to 10 (worst score). The tool has a large database of more than 80,000 products and it is growing fast.

From the 3 scores the tool creates a single master score. The number sums up which food is healthiest. So with this in mind we wanted to test the tool at our GO NAYKED Marketplace. The foods here are chosen specifically for their health benefit and have a balanced nutritional value. Just checking the marketplace I suddenly fell in love with Bear Naked – Fit Granola 100% Pure & Natural Vanilla Almond Crunch cereals. I knew the cereals I was currently eating are delicious and pretty healthy with a score 6 (1 is the best score out of 10 ). I used the tool to evaluate how healthy Bear Naked’s cereals were – the score was 3.

My jaw just dropped. It’s pretty much a confirmation of how valuable GO NAYKED is to deliver us only the healthiest and most nutritious foods out there. We’ll use this tool in the future here and save you the work – we will at your convenience give you the scoop of which foods are the best and you can share how they taste with us. If this Vanilla Almond Crunch tastes as delicious as it sounds I’ll definitely use it to make my breakfast even healthier.

What I really like about the tool is that it was developed by people who went to the store every day thinking they are buying healthy food but had serious concerns if it really was healthy or not. I recommend checking out EWG’s video about the tool. I can guarantee you will at least be tempted to use it after 5 minutes and check out how healthy the food you’re buying really is.

To see products approves for your diet click here to visit our Marketplace.

Globalizing Good Health

As far as trends go one of the biggest topics in the world today is Health. It is a subject that is discussed with great interest and enthusiasm, irrespective of gender, age and ethnicity. In the current scenario, ‘affordable healthcare’ is fast becoming a rarity. The adage, ‘health is wealth’ cannot be truer! It is imperative to maintain good health by eating healthy and using products that are pure and free of chemicals.


Don’t live in a country that major online stores will ship too? Keep reading we have you covered too.

All good things begin at home; in this case they start at the home page of – a natural product marketplace committed to providing you with healthy, hearty, non-toxic products from around the world, at your doorstep – wherever you are! Why should distance be a deterrent in your quest for healthy and safe products?

The shrinking world

The world is shrinking. Innovations in technology have transformed the world into a global village. Everything is accessible by the mere click of a button. Geographical barriers are no longer relevant. You can buy the best electronic products, clothes, books, gadgets and all your requirements online. Cyber space is inundated with personal care products and health-related merchandises. Most are marked, ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’. One is simply spoilt for choice! If only it were that easy.

Look no further!

The real job is to verify how authentic the products are and to find the genuinely healthy ones. Not all products that are marked organic or natural are actually non-toxic, Just look up “Greenwashing” or “Pinkwashing” and you will see what we mean. Seems a monumental task? Need not be so! is your one-stop, online marketplace for all natural and non-toxic products that are made with sustainable ingredients in a responsible manner. All our products are genuinely non-toxic and natural. We provide unbiased recommendations.

Easy shopping options

You may live in a country that does not have a choice of organic or natural products. But online shopping has become an integral part of our global economy and has increased manifold in the last decade. Amazon is a prominent shopping service provider across the globe. You have the convenience of shopping for any of our prescreened products on and the worlds most trusted and super easy check-out through Amazon! Our products are well-known, and are among the best brands from all over the world.

Care to Share

Take your time to browse through our marketplace. Look at our array of natural products and the pure ingredients they are made from. Each product is formulated with the refreshing idea of creating a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle. We do not manufacture any of the products and hence, have no vested interests.

Treat yourself to the ultimate gift of good health! Share this gift with your friends, family and loved ones by clicking any convenient share link for anything you like, Articles, Products or Shareables, and post them to your social media pages. Help spread the word and create awareness about responsibly-manufactured products. Encourage those small manufacturers who chose to walk the right path. Exchange natural, safe, and mindful gifts with friends and make this holiday season a memorable one!

Placing Orders

If you are already a regular shopper on Amazon, shopping for healthier options just got easier for you! Whenever you shop online, just order your list of products from the marketplace and finish check-out through your Amazon account! Even if you live in a country where direct shipping is not possible and you have to order via a consolidator( keep reading), it will work to your advantage. You can order your favorite personal care products and other non-toxic supplies from every time you shop online via Amazon and lead a healthier lifestyle for no additional shipping cost!

Avail of the wide variety of products available in the USA and elsewhere in the world, at bargain prices. You can have your cake and eat it too! And here’s the icing on the cake – you can invite your family and friends to join you and order all you want until the required value to offset the cost of international shipping is reached! More the friends, the more cost effective the transaction!

Another helpful tip, before you finish checkout take the opportunity to get anything else you might have a hard time getting in your home country, or if the prices are better than in your home country. Remember the more value you are shipping overseas the more cost effective it will be.

Here is a list of consolidators who offer worldwide shipping service. make sure you check them out and find the best one that suits your situation, and get set-up first. you will need the US address they provide to ship to before you place your order.

The following companies undertake shipping to Australia.

Shipping to countries in the Middle East,

Payment options

It is unfortunate that many people cannot shop online because their bank doesn’t support online payments. Or U.S. online stores don’t except non U.S. credit cards. Shopping online can also be fraught with many dangers, but using Virtual Debit Cards and Prepaid Debit Cards is a necessity in the online marketplace. Here are some of the best virtual debit card services all are accepted by Amazon and other U.S. Online stores-


Pamper Your Skin This Winter

I’m not going to lie; I am not a fan of winter. Salt and ice are meant for margaritas – not my driveway!


But this year I’ve taken the pledge to embrace winter, so I’ll be doing my best to put on my big girl pants (or snow pants) and get out in the cold. Getting our daily dose of vitamin D by spending time outside can help us to beat the winter blues, and there’s nothing as cozy as coming inside and warming up those rosy cheeks by a fire or under a nice warm blanket. No matter how hard we try to embrace winter though, there’s no denying the havoc that it wreaks on our skin. To save face (and money), here’s a simple DIY skin care routine that will keep your skin clear, soft, and healthy all winter long:

Step 1: Wash your face – If your skin is oily and prone to acne (like mine is) dab a small amount of honey (about 1 tsp) into your hands. Use warm water to gently massage the honey onto your face and rinse. Honey is a natural moisturizer and it has antibacterial properties; it fights against acne and flaky skin at the same time. If your skin is dry instead of oily, use the same process but replace honey with coconut oil. Coconut oil has similar properties to honey and a stronger hydrating effect.

Step 2: Steam your face – I know it sounds weird but herbal facial steams are my new favorite thing; they work as an alternative to harsh exfoliants. Pour a few cups of boiling water into a metal pot or bowl and add chamomile and green tea. The chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, and green tea has antioxidant properties that provide a protective effect. Hold your face eight inches above the steam for five to ten minutes and rinse with refreshing cool water.

Step 3: Moisturize – Banish flaky skin for good by blending 6 cups of whole fat milk, half an avocado, and 2 tablespoons of honey and applying it as a face cream. Combined, these ingredients contain a powerful blend of essential fatty acids that moisturize, rejuvenate, and fight against aging. This homemade face cream will sooth your skin after a day of exposure to wind and artificial heat, while protecting it from further damage.

By following this skincare routine and keeping your pledge to get outside, turn inward, and eat healthy, your skin will stay soft and vibrant all winter long (to take the pledge check out the Go Nayked winter pledge post and sign your name in the comments section). Of course, everyone’s skin is different and if this routine isn’t for you then you can find lots of non-toxic beauty products at our marketplace. You can use these products to create your own beauty routine. If you already have a non-toxic skin care routine or if you choose to create your own, you can help others by sharing it in the comments section below.