It’s Time to Prioritize Prevention

October is breast cancer awareness month and it’s amazing to see the number of organizations, foundations, and companies that are doing their part to raise awareness and money for this cause.


There is no doubt that many of these campaigns are effective, since breast cancer is one of the most funded and well researched types of cancers. Unfortunately, some of these campaigns may be counterproductive. Some companies and organizations use the pink ribbon to get support, but have minimal or no effects on the realities of breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Action Organization has coined the term ‘pink washer’, to describe a “company or organization that claims to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribbon product, but at the same time produces, manufactures and/or sells products that are linked to the disease.”

Currently, advocates are targeting the Look Good Feel Better campaign, run by the Personal Care Products Council and the American Cancer Society. We all know that taking time to beautify ourselves can make a huge difference in the way we feel and improve our quality of life, regardless of our health situation. With that in mind, this well-intentioned campaign provides free makeup kits and beauty advice to women who are battling cancer. However, many of the packages they provide contain products with ingredients that are linked to breast cancer and some of them may even interfere with treatment. Chemicals found in these packages include hormone disrupters; formaldehyde releasers; and even Polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly known as Teflon. Call me crazy, but I’m not sure that ‘looking good’ will help patients feel better when these chemicals are known to cause the same disease that they’re trying to fight.

The ACS says that the benefits of the program outweigh the risks and to be honest I don’t blame them; the program has helped many people and there is no evidence that clearly links these products to cancer. But here’s the thing: human studies on the long-term effects of cosmetics don’t exist! Yet, chemicals that are known to cause cancer are being absorbed through our skin, which is one of the major ways that these chemicals enter our blood stream. On top of that, these products are being applied regularly over a long period of time. So, why is the onus on consumers’ to prove that these products are actually dangerous? Shouldn’t these companies be the ones that have to prove that their products are safe?

A recent report on working women and breast cancer states that the breast cancer risk for cosmetologists and hair dressers is five times higher than the general population. Eliminating or reducing exposure to environmental toxins is not trivial; after reducing exposure to hormone therapy the rate of breast cancer dropped by 7% within five years. That’s over 15 000 women in America alone who didn’t have to fight that grueling battle, and that should be our ultimate goal. Let’s rally together and encourage organizations and companies take prevention seriously, because no amount of makeup can change the ugly reality of breast cancer. At we only support companies who sell beauty products that won’t put you at risk. You can reward these companies for making the right choice by shopping at our market place.

To see which products approves see our Marketplace.

100% Pure Changing the Skincare Industry

Imagine developing a groundbreaking methodology for stabilizing natural ingredients from oxidizing in skincare products (ie you discover how to make quality ingredients last). A method that was so revolutionary that huge skin care brands sought you out in college to work with you and your technique. Upon graduation you have no shortage of job offers.


Fast forward a bit and imagine that you get hired to one of these firms that is licensing your invention. The role is in the product development lab developing new products and working with the chemicals that go into the company’s products. Some of these chemicals are hazardous in quantities larger than a pee and in one fateful instance a spill melts and warps your plastic work table!

While we can only imagine the above story the founder of 100% Pure lived it and as a result created a company that is helping to revolutionize the skin care industry.

If there is one founder of a company we support here at that lives and breathes a motto similar to ours it is Susie Wang. She is quoted as saying “Our sole purpose is to make the absolute highest quality, very best products. Period. That’s our sole focus – now and in the future.” This is a company that was built without a sales and PR team! Ms. Wang lives the natural and organic lifestyle and believes in the same motto we preach… to make things better for the next generation.

Her passion for the idea came as a child when she noticed how pretty her skin was after being stained by a blackberry. She has since created 100% Pure as the only cosmetic company that uses fruit and vegetable pigments to color cosmetics. The benefit of fruit and vegetable pigments versus the other traditional ways of coloring cosmetics (synthetic dyes or minerals) is that fruit and vegetable pigments contain an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins. By using completely natural products she has ensured a renewable product line that has garnered rave reviews.

100% Pure has grown rapidly as word of mouth has spread their motto. The company is now annualizing over $20 million in sales and has only been in existence since 2005! lists a broad range of the company’s products within our recommended product pages. The company offers natural solutions in makeup, skincare, body washes, hair care, baby products, and nail polish.

In addition 100% Pure offers their 100% Satisfaction guarantee that allows you to love it or send it back within 30 days… no questions asked. they also offer free shipping and fulfill most of their orders within a couple days from their location in California. For the woman in your life their fruit pigmented naked color palette is a great gift idea. The colors provide a natural look using the above mentioned natural ingredients. The colors are very pretty and natural, perfect for a “no-makeup” look, subtly enhancing.


100% Pure was founded by a person with a vision… a vision for a better world and better products for all of our bodies. She discovered first hand what the other companies were putting into their skincare products and decided then and there to change the world. To see which products Go Nayked approves see 100% Pure in our Marketplace.

Stop the Pain of Your Shaving Routine

Does the association of pain and sting with clean and better go back to our childhood days? Is it all related to that time, after falling from a bike, when “insert adult figure” would wipe the raw skin with an alcohol swab to “make it better”? What is the crazy association of that alcohol burn with clean mean? If Honey Bee Gardens has anything to say about it then it means we are all wrong!


A true needs based company founded by a caring wife looking to help her husband out. the firm was developed based upon this following story as told from their history page:

“My husband hated shaving. His face would become red and irritated with the first swipe of a razor. I used to buy him expensive aftershaves and shaving potions, but nothing seemed to work (some even aggravated the problem). I had been growing and studying herbs for years, and decided to test some of that knowledge in order to save my husband’s face. It took time. My husband, acting as guinea pig, sampled formulas on almost a daily basis. One was too gentle. One wasn’t as soothing. With each trial, the results were documented. More research ensued. Finally, one day, he proclaimed, “This is it!”, and our Herbal Aftershave was born.”

Mrs. Buckley’s husband was facing a problem many men face and that is a harsh reaction to the skin drying and astringent properties of over the counter aftershaves. The idea behind standard aftershaves is to tighten the pores and seal any nicks or scrapes from infection. In addition standard aftershaves usually contain heavy perfumes to give them a “manly” scent that women crave… are guys crazy enough to buy that pitch?

The act of shaving is very burdensome on our bodies. Using a metal razor to trim facial hairs naturally involves some irritation of the upper layers of skin. Even with the latest in shaving technology blades will pull and tug the hair follicle causing irritation. A good aftershave therefore should provide cooling lotions to nourish the irritated skin and reduce the “burn” associated with shaving.

Honeybee Gardens’ Herbal Aftershave uses a blend of fresh herbs brewed for weeks and strained into a serum combined with aloe and essential oils to produce an aftershave that is cool to the skin and refreshing to apply. Light on perfume the company offers several mild scents obtained by altering the mixture of essential oils to produce the desired fragrance. The product is Vegan and Gluten Free and comes in 4oz sizes including the following scents: Bay Rum, Florida, Key Lime, Sandalwood, Vermont, and Unfragranced.


The Herbal Aftershave can be found here on the marketplace where you can read more about the product and leave your own review of your experience. If like us, you don’t think that sting and pain equals good and clean then this product may be the answer you have been looking for in aftershave creams. Note: the product does have a few ingredients found on our skin irritation list and those are noted in the product description.

Guys Need to Take Care of Their Skin Too

Hanging out with some buddies the other night we started conversing about the habits of our significant others. One of the guys mentioned how his wife puts all these creams and treatments on before bed while he just scrubs with soap and water… and look at how “great I look” he proclaimed. To their surprise I dropped a logic bomb on them when I said “I wear makeup to bed”… a risky statement to say the least but a truthful one nonetheless. You see, even “dudes” need skincare too and finding the right products can make a huge difference in the quality of your life.


The Marlboro Man embodied the rough and rugged manly-man mystique that typical guys aspire too. Unfortunately the concept is a fallacy that has misled many tough guys into aging harshly. Skincare is not about looking pretty instead it is about taking care of you, your appearance, and your pocketbook. Fortunately for us there is a company out there producing high-end night serums that are perfect for a man’s face.

Real Purity is a company that sources all of their ingredients from natural and renewable sources. The company started the tradition 4 generations ago and has carried the tradition into modern days. By building their products upon a base of quality ingredients they avoid any harsh chemicals, fillers, and byproducts that can harm you or the environment. In fact most of the innuendo regarding “guys with makeup” is derived from the false marketing presented by other companies pushing lesser products made with non-organic and non-renewable products… slick marketing but no substance.

The largest organ on the human body is the skin and it is also one of the most important indicators for a host of social and psychological interactions within our society. “Looking good” is important in our society… like it or not. At night our skin, like the rest of the body, rejuvenates and repairs damage from the waking day. Ever noticed that after a nights sleep that the club stamp on the back of your hand is almost gone? The skin is shedding dead cells, repairing injured ones, and cycling your appearance through to a new look… literally.

Night serums (creams, lotions, etc) are intended to aid the skin in this process by providing vitamins, minerals, and moisture to support the process. The same benefits desired by your significant other can also benefit you including reduced wrinkle appearance, tone skin, even color, and a more youthful healthy appearance. Real Purity Night Repair Serum is an oil free product that feeds your skin throughout the night.


Having dropped the “I wear makeup” comments on the guys they didn’t poke fun because they secretly wondered what I had done to look so much younger and healthier. Armed with the confirmation that they too could take steps to look healthier and younger without giving up their masculinity the guys decided to give Real Purity a chance. Now you too can take a step to improve your look and health. Real Purity Night Repair Serum is available right here at and will keep you looking as young as you feel… because even guys need to take care of their skin too.

Dark Hair, Don’t Care!

While Miley Cyrus may not be known for making the best decisions, her current choice of hair color is on point! Dark hair is in, and chestnut brown and warm black are two of the hottest shades. If you’ve been thinking about deepening your hair’s hue, then winter is the perfect time. Since the sun isn’t as strong, you don’t have to worry about premature fading and since roots are less obvious, you can space out salon appoints. You don’t have to battle the weather on your way to the salon as often, and you can save money and time. Opting for a darker shade this season seems like an easy choice.  


Unfortunately, I recently learned that the beauty industry is taking cues from the pavement industry.
Coal tar, a product used in sealcoats for parking lots and driveways, is also used in some beauty products, particularly dark colored hair dye. Because coal tar causes cancer, it is now banned from sealcoats in many states. Yet, the FDA still considers it safe for use in beauty products because it is found in small amounts that are considered ‘safe’ and because it is not ingested. But, if these products are used chronically over an extended period of time, and they’re absorbed through the skin – are they really safe? I don’t want to take that chance, and by shopping at Go-Nayked where none of the products contain coal tars, or any other toxic chemicals, I don’t have to.

P-phenylenediamine is the component of coal tar that is found in dark colored hair dyes. Some studies have shown a strong relationship between hair dye and non-Hodgkins lymphoma, indicating a cause and effect relationship; in other studies the relationship wasn’t quite strong enough to prove that the chemical caused the cancer. Since this is considered conflicting evidence, P-phenylenediamine is still permitted for use in hair dye. That’s another chance that I don’t want to take.

But at times, like before a job interview or a big date, it can be tough to choose between nice hair now and good health later; fortunately, we don’t have to. Check out Natural hair dyes on our marketplace
, they are chemical free and they look amazing! You can find shades in almost every color including medium brown, dark brown, and black, perfect for this season.

Another malady that dark haired beauties often suffer from in the winter months is dandruff. I hate to break it to you ladies, but coal tar is also used as an active ingredient in dandruff shampoos. Coal tar works by slowing down the growth of skin cells and long-term use can cause hair follicle problems. A better way to treat dandruff is to moisturize your scalp, and a deep conditioning treatment with Nutiva coconut oil will do just that. Simply apply a few table spoons to your damp hair and allow it to sit for twenty to thirty minutes. With coconut oil and natural hair dye, blondes aren’t the only ones who will be having fun this winter.

Drunk as an Elephant?

Can elephants get drunk? This philosophical question has tortured people since the beginning of time…or at least since the 70s when drunken elephants were first caught on film after indulging in fruit from the Marula tree. Since then videos of these drunken elephants have gone viral. As it turns out, the video footage that started the rumor was a scam; the person who filmed the elephants had soaked the fruit in alcohol. Although the truth has since been revealed, the rumor has persisted. I guess people just need something to believe in – and if you can’t believe in a drunken elephant, what can you believe in?


Unlike the elephants, I enjoy the occasional glass of wine. But drinking alcohol causes dehydration and robs the skin of essential nutrients, which can lead to premature aging. Contrary to popular belief, rather than mimicking the effects of alcohol, the Marula fruit counteracts them with anti-aging properties. The oil from the fruit prevents premature aging by neutralizing free radicals, promoting collagen generation, and providing antioxidant protection.

Fortunately, we don’t need to go all the way to Africa to find this oil, thanks to a company called Drunk Elephant. Named after the Marula myth, Drunk Elephant offers a line of products that contain Marula oil and non-toxic, effective ingredients that won’t irritate your skin. Here are three ways that this fantastic company is doing their part to help you Go Nayked:


1. Quality over quantity
Unlike most companies that encourage us to purchase as many of their products as possible, Drunk Elephant recommends “paring down your routine to a few clean, selective products”. Since their products are good for all skin types, they have created a simple line of products, making it easy to figure out which ones work best for you. You no longer need to figure out your skin type, because at Drunk Elephant, a cleanser is a cleanser –period.

2. If there’s any doubt, it’s out
Drunk Elephant has a black list of 27 different classes of toxins that they refuse to use in their products. If there is any indication that a toxin could have negative health effects then it’s added to the blacklist, regardless of whether it is natural or synthetic. They value efficacy as much as health – so in addition to removing all toxic products they only include those products that are proven to be effective.

3. Free from fragrance
I know that grapefruit scented facewash is tempting, it sure looks refreshing, but scented products contain essential oils that irritate the skin. I suffered from acne as a teenager and into my twenties; for me, the simple solution was using a non-fragrant face wash. So why not give fragrance free a try – does anyone really smell your face?


I don’t know about you, but this weekend I’m going to kick-back and enjoy a guilt free glass of wine, knowing that Drunk Elephant has my back. To see which products Go Nayked approves see Drunk Elephant in our Marketplace.

Curl trouble? Let’s get it straight!

I gaze at celebrities like Brooke Shields and Taylor Swift in awe. Their curls drop gracefully, framing their faces, lending a look of feminine grace. I feel a pang of envy, because I too have a head of curls, but I would never call it my ‘crowning glory’. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! My unruly mop of hair is bird-nest-like, with a texture akin to coconut fiber, ever a tangled mess, and, a perpetual source of embarrassment – all curled into one!


I take too much time to fix my hair, or tame it, rather! The more I tug and pull, the frizzier it gets, and it can sap up any amount of hair cream or hair oil, and still look under-moisturized, dry, and uncombed! I am not comfortable smearing my hair with sprays that are basically toxic chemicals that smell sweet. Moreover, they don’t help ‘set’ my curls for long. If only there was a safe, curl-taming product!

Lucky me, I discovered that there is one, and we have it listed here!

DevaCurl is an answer to the prayers of all curly-haired damsels in distress, and to those who aspire for gorgeous curls! The brand is specially recommended for making your hair well-moisturized, healthy and soft. It has natural ingredients and is devoid of sulphates, Parabens, and silicates. Since its inception in 1994 the New York City based Devachan Salon has sought to help celebrate curls and keep them hassle, tangle, and frizz free! They opened the DevaCurl Academy to train top hairstylists in the art of caring and styling curly hair.

Curly hair is always rougher and drier than straight hair because it is more difficult for oils secreted from the scalp to go down the shaft of curly hair. The only solution is to keep the curls thoroughly moisturized. That’s precisely what DevaCurl does, and does it naturally!
Here are few of their products that are indispensible for your unique curls:

DevaCurl Cleanse and Condition (Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Curly Hair)

The easiest way to get those glorious curls is to stop using shampoo. Most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that make your hair dry and frizzy. DevaCurl has a range of products that can cleanse and condition your curls, and make them strong, with natural ingredients.

  • DevaCurl No-Poo Decadence: Formulated with Chufa milk, rich in vitamins and minerals, and Quinoa protein, this zero-lather moisturizing milk cleanser is especially for curly hair that craves for more moisture and nourishment. Grape seed oil is added to give shine and luster to your hair.
  • DevaCurl One Condition Decadence: In addition to Chufa milk and Quinoa, this rich and creamy formula has Olive oil that provides moisture, shine and frizz control. It drenches your curls in deep moisture and hydrates them thoroughly.

DevaCurl Style & Shape (Best Products for Curly Hair)

No matter your ethnicity, curls will be curls! The texture, the feel, and the spiral of the curls determine its shape. There are innumerable ways to style your curls:

  • SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler: The main ingredients are coconut oil that gives shine and moisture, Jojoba protein to boost elasticity and strength, and corn starch for frizz control. You can soften, stretch, define, boost volume, and tame frizz.
  • Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam: This alcohol-free, lightweight foam gives weightless volume to your hair from the roots, to the ends. This gives fullness and definition to the curls. Key ingredients are Glycerides, Hops, and Lemongrass.

This is just a glimpse of the curl-caring products of DevaCurl. There are many such natural products available, and you can buy them all on Go ahead, and treat your unique curls with the gentle and natural care they deserve! To see which products Go Nayked approves see Hair Care in our Marketplace.

50 year old cosmetics don’t seem to work… that may be about to change

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.

I’m not old enough to think about rejuvenating my skin yet, but I’m concerned about it -not because of my age, but because I see people in their 30’s and 40’s wearing heavy makeups to cover wrinkles. It almost makes me think that all this cosmetic stuff is not working for people and they have to somehow cover their years with face powder. The reason I panic at this heavy makeup is because I remember my mother using the same technique to cover her age 20 years ago. It seems that not much has changed.


The cosmetics industry is supposed to be innovative with cutting-edge science but in reality seems to be regurgitating the same products over and over again. I believe it is time to use modern technology to give our skin what it needs. (standard moisturizers use a base of water which is as useful as splashing water from the faucet… it doesn’t help!)

The biggest profits are still made with outdated cosmetics. At we spent countless hours researching the new science behind cosmetics. In a time when people are regularly taking space flights, biotechnology is on the brink of creating artificial organs and the internet is changing society at a rapid pace one would hope that there would be something, anything at all, just a tiny bit of info about new technology that big cosmetics companies use to actually help modern women and men.

We discovered nothing. From the big cosmetics companies you get all the usual nonsense about moisture, honey, natural ingredients and so on. This is what my mother bought some 20 years ago and is still being sold today. Everything started to make sense. If the outdated cosmetics are creating biggest profits, why would big cosmetics companies ever stop producing these useless creams and lotions?

Being a science guy and still having hope in humanity I decided we should dig deeper. This led us to smaller cosmetic companies that don’t have 100 years of history and are not selling 50 year old cosmetics. These are the companies that have to live on the quality of their product to start rising in the cosmetics business. The best way to fight big established brands is innovation. It is here where we uncovered true innovation in the cosmetics industry and why it is so difficult to see these high quality products being used by ordinary people.

One of the companies that crossed our radar for innovation in cosmetics is Juice Beauty. They use -check this out- stem cells as a skin rejuvenation agent. This is exactly the ground breaking innovation we were looking for. Seeing how stem cells can become any cell in the body – they can for example develop into heart cells and heal massive heart injuries (efficiency on heart-breaks is disputed, otherwise Taylor Swift would be Juice Beauty’s number 1 costumer) – it is easy to understand how stem cells in a face cream can develop into new skin cells and rebuild your skin. You can discover more about the innovative company employing stem cell technology in organic cosmetics at Juice Beauty.

In the end it will be up to these small companies and consumers like us to change the landscape of cosmetics. The science an dtech is out there to absolutely change skin care for the better… demand it, pay for it, and support it… big cosmetics companies will have to listen. As long as we support big cosmetics companies with their outdated products, these companies will not change. 

To see which products Go Nayked approves see Juice Beauty in our Marketplace.

Oxybenzone – the dark side of Sunscreens

What’s your idea of a perfect, sunny day? Perhaps, you favor a relaxing time on the beach. After carefully slathering your skin with a favorite sunscreen lotion, you love the experience of being in tune with nature; basking in the sun, enjoying the rhythmic swish of the waves and the gentle brush of the wind. As you delight in the caress of the golden rays on your skin, you blissfully drift asleep…

Wake up! What’s seeping into the pores of your skin is more than just sunlight! Harmful chemicals and toxins are entering your system surreptitiously and causing irreversible damage. You can’t take this with a ‘laid-back’ attitude anymore (pun unintended)!


Liberal, daily application of sunscreen may reduce the risk of skin cancer, as well as protect your skin from wrinkles, but certain chemicals in sunscreens are claimed to be carcinogenic too. Is this then, a choice between the devil and the deep sea? And how are you to find the toxin from the long list on the label?

Face the Nayked truth – a major culprit is Oxybenzone (there are many ‘minor’ culprits like Octinoxate, Homosalate, Octisalate and Octocrylene, and rest assured, they’ll all be brought to book). Oxybenzone is a hazardous chemical found in almost all sunscreens, and in most cosmetics. It penetrates the skin to enter your bloodstream, and causes cell damage. It mimics estrogen and induces hormonal disruptions. The endocrine and reproductive systems are affected. If your skin is not tingling with trepidation already, here’s more – Oxybenzone can trigger allergies, eczema or worse still, breast cancer! Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to consult their physicians, if they use Sunscreens regularly.

Our body is capable of absorbing and storing this toxin readily, and this is the biggest worry in the medical community. Accumulation of this chemical can affect your health in unpredictable ways. How many of us pause to read the concentration of Oxybenzone in Sunscreen creams? As they are so readily available OTC, we simply assume they must be safe. They are, IF the concentration of Oxybenzone is up to 6%. Otherwise it is mandatory for such products to be labeled, ‘contains Oxybenzone’. Sweden and Japan have banned the use of this ingredient. So should we!

Is any Sunscreen safe at all? Here’s the rule of thumb: If your Sunscreen visibly whitens your skin, then you are using a physical Sunscreen that is relatively safe. It typically contains Zinc and Titanium dioxide that block or reflect UV radiations, but do not absorb them. These are called Mineral Sunscreens and are considered less toxic in the EWG database. Of course, you’ll have to put up with that chalky-white residue, not to mention the hours spent in scrubbing it off! Carcinogenic toxins in your bloodstream seem the only alternative. So, better scrub than sorry?

Not necessarily!

The sunny news is that we, at have done all the research, scoured the net, scrutinized formulations, and have come up with handful of safe Sunscreens, sans the ‘shady’ ingredients. These products are available for purchase on our website.

Cosmetics Natural vs Industrial

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.

There are two questions I ask every time I see the cosmetics labeled ‘natural’.

 – Does it mean it’s better because it’s natural?
 – Are they trying to mug me in a smart and legitimate way?
My concern easily goes to my skin, not how the products were made. However, years of my experience -with both natural and industrially-made cosmetics- has taught me the importance of how the things I put on my face are actually manufactured.

Let us illustrate this by comparing it to food… because everybody loves food.

Industrial cosmetics are like fast food…
  – the cutting edge of beauty science, with the labs equipped with petri dishes and test tubes
  – developed by the big cosmetics industry to be effective, easily produced, market targeted and scalable

compare the above description,
  – to a fast food restaurant
   (You don’t really want to know where the meat comes from, how many times the oil was reused, but all-in-all flavor enhancers will ensure that you love your burger!)


Natural cosmetics are mom’s home made from scratch dinners…
  – their origins are plants and minerals (not synthetic compounds – this makes all the difference in the world.)
  – generally developed by smaller companies building a reputation on quality.
(Natural cosmetic producers go the extra mile to ensure that the Fresh Natural ingredients
 are included in their products.)


Industrially-made cosmetics sometimes utilize chemical synthesis and petrochemical products for production. This may not significantly affect the effectiveness of the product but speaks volumes about the undesired chemicals included that can damage your skin in long term use -Synthetic by-products can also lead to skin irritation and allergic reactions.)


Now there’s the second part to this story – How to know you’re not getting mugged. When you are ready to pay more for truly-natural-products how can you be sure you are not being duped with industrially-made crème?)

1. Know that ‘Natural’ is just a word.
In cosmetics it usually describes a product without synthetic compounds, petrochemical, genetically modified organisms and so on. However, producers are free to claim their cosmetics to be ‘natural’ without much evidence of being natural. This is a marketing tactic that requires caution on your part.

2. Look for BDIH and NPA certifications
Fortunately, someone had a sense to create BDIH and NPA Certifications to reward the companies that create truly natural products. Lavera for instance is one of the most prominent brands for natural cosmetics. They have a double certified natural seal from BDIH and NPA Certification guaranteeing that their techniques are in line with natural cosmetics production.

Natural cosmetics are desired by consumers… the trick is identifying the real ones. With the help of our hope is that in the future there will be a solid framework for declaring something ‘Natural’. Companies like Lavera are already on a good path to a truly more natural and toxic-free future.