100% Pure Changing the Skincare Industry

Imagine developing a groundbreaking methodology for stabilizing natural ingredients from oxidizing in skincare products (ie you discover how to make quality ingredients last). A method that was so revolutionary that huge skin care brands sought you out in college to work with you and your technique. Upon graduation you have no shortage of job offers.


Fast forward a bit and imagine that you get hired to one of these firms that is licensing your invention. The role is in the product development lab developing new products and working with the chemicals that go into the company’s products. Some of these chemicals are hazardous in quantities larger than a pee and in one fateful instance a spill melts and warps your plastic work table!

While we can only imagine the above story the founder of 100% Pure lived it and as a result created a company that is helping to revolutionize the skin care industry.

If there is one founder of a company we support here at Go-Nayked.com that lives and breathes a motto similar to ours it is Susie Wang. She is quoted as saying “Our sole purpose is to make the absolute highest quality, very best products. Period. That’s our sole focus – now and in the future.” This is a company that was built without a sales and PR team! Ms. Wang lives the natural and organic lifestyle and believes in the same motto we preach… to make things better for the next generation.

Her passion for the idea came as a child when she noticed how pretty her skin was after being stained by a blackberry. She has since created 100% Pure as the only cosmetic company that uses fruit and vegetable pigments to color cosmetics. The benefit of fruit and vegetable pigments versus the other traditional ways of coloring cosmetics (synthetic dyes or minerals) is that fruit and vegetable pigments contain an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins. By using completely natural products she has ensured a renewable product line that has garnered rave reviews.

100% Pure has grown rapidly as word of mouth has spread their motto. The company is now annualizing over $20 million in sales and has only been in existence since 2005! GoNayked.com lists a broad range of the company’s products within our recommended product pages. The company offers natural solutions in makeup, skincare, body washes, hair care, baby products, and nail polish.

In addition 100% Pure offers their 100% Satisfaction guarantee that allows you to love it or send it back within 30 days… no questions asked. they also offer free shipping and fulfill most of their orders within a couple days from their location in California. For the woman in your life their fruit pigmented naked color palette is a great gift idea. The colors provide a natural look using the above mentioned natural ingredients. The colors are very pretty and natural, perfect for a “no-makeup” look, subtly enhancing.


100% Pure was founded by a person with a vision… a vision for a better world and better products for all of our bodies. She discovered first hand what the other companies were putting into their skincare products and decided then and there to change the world. To see which products Go Nayked approves see 100% Pure in our Marketplace.

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